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Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by pyrobling, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. jespley

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    I'm completely with you on this -- seems like a big waste to have keys that I won't ever use. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone comes up with anything and I'll keep poking around in the registry myself.
  2. jespley

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    This is true. The hack posted in the original thread does not work for my wife's and my q9ms. When one tries to get to the \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\SystemStart\Sound path, the key value is already *none*. Setting it to \Windows\*none* does not get rid of the startup sound. Any other suggestions are welcome!
  3. jespley

    jespley New Member

    Here's the solution I came up with myself:
  4. jasoraso

    jasoraso Member

    Here's my solution for changing some of the buttons:

    this isn't the most elegant solution (I think a reg hack would be better) but:

    On my Q9m, the buttons are "hard-programmed" to launch a program by its name from the \Windows\Start Menu directory. For example, the button with the envelope launches the messaging.lnk program in the Start Menu directory. The button for speakerphone/voice recognition launches "Voice Recognition.lnk" after a long press (2 second press). The email button launches "Messaging.lnk". By renaming a shortcut to that name in the \Windows\Start Menu directory, I have been able to change the behavior of the buttons (I first rename Messaging.lnk to Messaging2.lnk, then rename the program I want to launch, Xtremetxt.lnk to Messaging.lnk).
  5. U2502

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    I tried doing the IE speed boost by changed the DNS IPs, but I have a series of HEX values. Is there a way to change this, or has verizon disabled this feature? Thanks for all the wonderful info.

  6. gadget

    gadget New Member

    Home Screen Toggle Key

    I don't know if this has been answered yet but that's one of the first hacks I done on my Q9m, that media home screen is rediculous! I remapped mine to the missing camera key. Now pressing the home screen toggle button launches the Camera.

    1. navigate to HKLM\\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Camera
    2. Edit the String Value "Application"
    - Change the Value Data to: \Windows\Camera.lnk
    3. Edit the String Value "Class Name"
    - Change the Value Data to: Camera
    4. Back/save your way out of the Registry Editor software.
    5. Press and hold the (until recently useless) Home Screen Toggle key (2 seconds) until the camera pops up.

    This was found on
  7. JBK617

    JBK617 New Member

    When I went to the above area the value already shows camera, and pressing the button takes me to the media home screen, what is there to change?
  8. gadget

    gadget New Member

    I dug up the original post from and edited my original post (post#26) with the correct information.

  9. DIGItonium

    DIGItonium New Member

    I notice MMS and Instant Messaging is autolaunched after the unit boots up (Q9H), and I don't have immediate interest to launch these applications. I can't find something equivalent to Run or Startup. Any suggestions?
  10. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    did you check \Windows\StartUp\ ?
  11. DIGItonium

    DIGItonium New Member

    Gosh, I totally missed that one. Thanks!

    I tried searching, but maybe the Q9H hasn't been out long enough. Is anyone successful getting rid of the mobile operator logo on startup? AT&T seems to do things differently as the original mobile operator files are generic "Mobile Operator" images. I've been trying to change it to:


    [EDIT] Also, with WM6 on my phone I'm not having much luck getting my Start bar to look like Vista (black gradient).

    [EDIT] Nevermind, I finally got it down. I changed the BaseHue value to 160, and now I've got the Vista taskbar look. I'm still looking for a solution to my operator logo dilemma.
  12. peppersghost

    peppersghost New Member

    Thanks, I'm using 3 of these mods.
  13. Dzadz

    Dzadz New Member

    i dont get this hkey thing where do i type it in (noob Question)
    i open resco explorer but where do i put in the hkey or hklm
  14. TreeFrog

    TreeFrog Active Member

    Open resco registry editor..not explorer!
  15. Dzadz

    Dzadz New Member

    i opened resco explorer
    but where do i go to find the hkey command string
  16. TreeFrog

    TreeFrog Active Member

    resco's icon looks like a little blue rubic's cube falling apart! NOT Explorer...
  17. Dzadz

    Dzadz New Member

  18. TreeFrog

    TreeFrog Active Member

    Glad ya got be careful in there!
  19. cwintermeyer

    cwintermeyer New Member

    Thank you!

    Thank you for this tip. After upgrading from a Q1 to the Q9m, I missed having quick access to the camera (as well as the handy flashlight).

    - Chris
  20. wittmer9m

    wittmer9m New Member

    okay i have the Q9m and i have registry editor and have disabled my security, when i get into registry editor it wont let me select the date column and edit and of the info??? any help?

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