Official Q9M Hack Thread

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    Official Q9M Hack Thread

    So someone pm-ed me and asked what I use for hacks and what I recommend for software...I was thinking that we do have a thread for hacks but it might be interesting to see what some of us use and which we recommend...RUDEBOY/N99HOCKEY feel free to edit this if needed but I am just going to copy/paste the response I sent back to the person.

    Originally Posted by acr4life
    I'm a new q9m owner and someone suggested I look up your posts. What are the best hacks to do to get my phone to work better? what software do you recommend?



    LOL so who said check with me thats funny...o well I got lots.

    First you will need to get RESCO explorer and registry editor. Then the apps depend greatly on what you want. As for hacks here is what I have done...some customization and some for improvements...

    Pocket IE speed boost...

    Increase CPU speed (will drain battery more I used 2 go 2-3 days now I go one long day)...

    Now the others are from the Q Hack sticky I just picked ones I like but they are not all on a forum so I will copy & paste some...

    Speed Hack______________________________________________ _
    -> change limit from 16384 to 32768

    -> change cachesize to 4096

    Disabling beep when hitting send to dial a number (djcampis)________
    Go to:
    -> Change the value for the Sound string to *none*

    No Camera Click Sound______________________________________
    Go to:
    \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Pictures\Camera\OEM\Sou ndFile

    Change the string/value:

    to say:

    No Startup Sound___________________________________________
    Go to:
    \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\SystemStart \Sound
    \Windows\Piano.wav to \Windows\*none*

    Disable SMS sent...

    This is for if you want to browse the device for file transfer great for sending/receiving everything and it allows you to view all folders not just My Documents...

    Customization for phone name...

    Maxing Headset and earpiece volumes...

    Sprite backup
    Contact Fix
    Sniper(though it isn't functional yet...I just have it and am waiting)

    These are just a few I have Handango-In-Hand which you do by clicking on the download link in your start menu and it will install and then you can test and check out lots of apps on a trial basis before you buy to see what you like best. There are also a lot in the EQ software tab at the top of the screen you can check out on a trial basis too so poke around and enjoy.

    These are all the hacks I believe I am using at the time....this may be missing a couple but I think it's close. The little stuff is not only customization but helps a little bit here and there in battery life because everything the phone does affects life and performance more and more. I must admit though after doing all of these the device pretty much rocks and is one of my favorite phones ever.

    Any more questions don't hesitate to ask I'm more then willing to help

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    i will sticky this for you guys!

    also changed the name to 'Official Q9M Hack Thread'
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    hey, i believe i advised him to look for your posts.. the above post is great, within a few days i shall delete this reply and from time to time we might have to clean up this thread if too many members start to ask questions in this thread.
  4. pyrobling

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    Glad it helps.

    As for as software tell people if they wanna try it to kick it my way since I am more then willing to give it a once over after I backup.

    Same thing with hacks I don't mind manipulating one bit :wink:
  5. rudeboy

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    will do.... thanks man.
  6. miller03

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    Disabling beep when hitting send to dial a number (djcampis)________
    Go to:
    -> Change the value for the Sound string to *none*

    This hack didn't work on my Q9m, after applying the hack and placing a call the original file was replaced in the registry. If others have found this to be the case try this:


    Set InitVol from 2 to 0
  7. pyrobling

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  8. pyrobling

    pyrobling New Member

    Here is a hack not to mess with that I guess now is only on the Q9m. It is for changing the Splash screen but will conflict with the other Splash Screen hack.

    DO NOT USE...

    This will mess up and SKIP your start up image is not completely distort it.

    **posted from my Q
  9. pyrobling

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    Been hunting EVERYWHERE for this hack. It works on ALL Q's.

    This will make your scroll bars smaller so you have more room to view thw page.

    Change the values from 6 to 3 (I use 2)

    **posted from my Q
  10. nanis

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    Hey i have a q9m and i have tried everything to change the startup sound, Ive read almost every forum and most are based on the original q,, can u help?
  11. Jaxel

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    I moved the link to messaging from my start menu to a different folder. Because I did this, anytime I push the text messaging button on my phone (to the right of the 0/? key), I get an error alert "cant open shortcut". I cant exit this error, thus basically crashing my phone and forcing me to restart.

    Anyone know the registry hack for the Q9M to fix this? Change the shortcut for that button?
  12. kingbird6

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    Resco Editor

    Hi, maybe I'm a bit dense with direvtories but I downloaded resco editor to my phone and not what you you go to to type or to find that "H_KEY" command string that you refer to in order to get to control panel to find these sound files. Can you give me some insight ? I'm a quick learner...THANKS !
  13. r0bren0

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    I am using PHM Registry Editor. I have looked for the HKLM/SYSTEM/GWE, but all paths begin with HKEY, and not HKLM. This is a noobie error, would you be able to shed some light on this?
  14. kingbird6

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    I believe I saw that another thread post refers to HKLM as a "tech" abbreviation and not an actual path. Resco editor only shows HKEY on mine and I was able to do all of the posted hacks with those paths. Good luck...
  15. TommyTuna

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    Some great tweaks here. Anybody figure out how to remap some of the keys? I'm looking to remap the windows media key to another exe. All I can find is the old Q key maps but they don't seem to apply to this new phone.

    Also - any ideas how to tweak the fonts in the inbox so that you can fit more message headers in your inbox?
  16. Prosper

    Prosper New Member

    Checkout Button Plus by AE Software:

    As for the fonts - no idea ...
  17. TommyTuna

    TommyTuna New Member

    Downloaded program and it looked promising. however, when I got into the button config, the windows media button isn't listed. So i try to add it as a new button but everytime I press it, it fires up WMPlayer and AEButton can't trap the value of the button. Any ideas?
  18. ProtoZero

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    Change "Home" page for Pocket IE

    Hey folks,

    I didn't see this one here, so I wanted to post it in case anyone wants to change their homepage from the default Verizon page.

    You'll need a registry editor, - I use PHM Registry Editor which you can download here:{940B734A-C437-41C7-ADED-2A4418802FD3}

    Anyway, once you have it, you will need to navigate to:


    Modify the "home" key to include whatever landing page you want to use. Just make sure to keep the "http://" in front of the URL or it will not work.

  19. pyrobling

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    Thread is doing well I see....wanna clean it up RB?
  20. jespley

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    I believe that HKLM typically refers to the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" path.

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