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Discussion in 'Moto Q 9c' started by BIGD, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    its a cab file
    you will note by reading many a threads here that you do not remove any contents of a cab file
    these are the install files

    move this file to the Q and click on the file in the Q's file manager
    this will install the cab file
  2. adma

    adma New Member

    well, its not just a can do the no SMS hack cab or do the mehod that big D recommended above...I don't like putting unnecessary crap on my phone, so the reg hack was the best!
  3. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    well if you read my post and you read who i quoted in my post you will notice that that member attempted to use the cab file since all he found was 'an xml document' which means he/she more than likely unzip a cab file

    which is why i told this person how to use a cab file
  4. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member


    stop the chatter...
  5. omega5

    omega5 New Member

    Could someone direct me to the power saving hack? I know i saw it somewhere. I'm just not sure if it was here or ppc geeks.
    With all of these speed hacks, I'm thinking it may take a toll on the battery.

    Big D, maybe you can give me some assistance?
  6. danwo

    danwo New Member

    Candlelight, it's on RB apps page.
  7. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    we (the moderators) have been
    this thread is for HACKS not to ask if there is an AOL messanger for the Q

    please search the software section for Instant Messanger programs

  8. BIGD

    BIGD New Member

    Save Email and Attachments to Storage Card

    01.Using the file manager in activesync, create the following folders on your Storage Card.

    You can actually name them whatever you want, "Inbox" for example.
    02.Now browse to \Windows\Messaging (SmartPhone) or \Windows\MAPI (PocketPC)
    If you want to save all of your existing mail, move everything in this directory to the new ones on your Storage Card.

    03.Now fire up your registry editor and navigate to the following.
    For WM5 Phones: [ HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MAPI ]
    For WM6 Phones: [ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Inbox\Settings ]

    Then create the following STRING VALUES.
    Name: AttachPath

    String: \Storage Card\MAPI\Attachments

    Name: PropertyPath

    String: \Storage Card\MAPI
    04.Reboot your phone and then goto your inbox.
  9. BIGD

    BIGD New Member

    IE History

    HKLM_C_U\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\DaysToKeep
    This is your internet history(default is 30)

    HKLM_C_U\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\HistoryBackListLen
    This is the list it populates from all the websites you have been to when you type in the address bar(default is 100) set to 0 to not have it keep anything
  10. malatesta

    malatesta New Member

    Enable aGPS assistance servers

    From StarmanDX at SU

    *Note: the setting stick but are reset if you go back into the menu, so you just to trust that when you enter them and exit, they save to the system ;-)

    *Note #2:
    MSL = Master Subsidy Lock = definition (<--link). You need to call Sprint to get if you did not write it down when you activated the phone. Good luck.
  11. ranchosteve

    ranchosteve New Member

    These are the hacks I have done without any problems so far, Knock on wood.

    No Camera Click Sound
    Disable Sent Text Message notifications
    Limit the Cache Size For IE
    Making the scrollbars smaller (Vert. and Horz.)
    Use QuickApp key for something else!
    Change Video Camera Quality -- not sure if it works.
    Turn off Shutter Sound for Camera
    Change IE homepage in WM6

  12. BIGD

    BIGD New Member

    look at my apps page , you will find everithing u need. and please before u ask questions search the forum.
  13. se4587

    se4587 New Member

    GPS Hacks

    I'm going to list the GPS settings I changed and/or added in the registry to allow applications to use the internal GPS on COM1 (in my case). BTW, I have a Q9c on Sprint; I have no idea if these work on a Verizon Q9c or other variants of the Q9 (Q9m, Q9h, etc). I had COM4 working at one point, but was messing around w/settings still and couldn't get it to work again. I read on one page that using COM 5/6 caused the battery to drain twice as fast, so I avoided those.

    I'm not exactly sure which ones, or if all have to be changed to get this hack to work, but changing them all hasn't had any adverse effects to my knowledge. This information is a bunch of info I've gathered from many different sites RE: the intermediate GPS driver, WM6, and Smartphones in general.

    A lot of GPS programs I downloaded would not recognize the internal GPS (hardware is probably too new), so this will fix it for some, but not all programs. If it works, then great, if not, oh well, we tried.

    [HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\Multiplexer\]
    String name="DriverInterface"
    String value="COM1:"

    [HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\Multiplexer\ActiveDevice\]
    String name="DriverInterface"
    String value="COM1:"
    DWord name="Index"
    DWord value="1"
    String name="Prefix"
    String value="COM"
    (if you change the COM port #, I think you have to change the index to match: ie, com3 and index 3)

    [HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\Drivers\GenericGPSDriver\]
    String name="CommPort"
    String value="GDD0:"
    (I believe this is the internal GPS port; I think this is the default setting...just making sure that it still is. you can check to make sure the internal GPS/intermediate GPS driver are working by using WLS or GMM and selecting intermediate driver and seeing if you can get a fix)

    Use GMM or WLS and try COM1 in the settings to see if you can still get GPS signal and location...

    These programs I was able to get to see GPS on COM1:
    Google Mobile Maps (
    Windows Live Search (2.5.2859.37360)
    gpsVP (0.3.7)
    trackr! (0.9.10)
    Sprint Navigation (1.0.13)(prolly uses intermediate GPS driver; worked before these edits and there are no settings in the program for GPS port...)

    These programs I was NOT able to get to see GPS on COM1:
    Efficasoft GPS Utilities (v2.0)
    Nav4All (8.0.62)
    Reperion (SF1.50)
    Virtual Earth Mobile (1.71)

    Let me know if anyone has any problems, can't get it to work; maybe I forgot some settings??? I have been messing w/the registry settings for a long time, so maybe I forgot one, it would just take too long to type all of them in right now :)

    Good luck!
  14. ranchosteve

    ranchosteve New Member

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\Cache\Content]
    "CacheLimit"=dword:00001536HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\Cache\Content]
  15. BIGD

    BIGD New Member

    Read the firs post on this thread . Unlock ur phone . get the unlock app from my page
  16. BIGD

    BIGD New Member

    put that on ur phones sd card and execute .
  17. BryanT

    BryanT New Member

    Thanks. Meantime, I entered the two new IP numbers in the phone from a previous post I saw. Does this executable do anything else?

  18. BIGD

    BIGD New Member

    no , that app just changes the dns servers
  19. BIGD

    BIGD New Member

    its cuz after reboot it went back to original settings . start a new thread if you have questions about this. Lets keep this thread for known hacks and suggestions . the numbers usually dont stick thats why u gotta run that app before connecting to internet.
  20. BryanT

    BryanT New Member

    No, you misunderstood my question. That's not the case. The new IP numbers actually held on a reboot on my phone. After researching, I believe the new IP numbers are the open DNS figures to use on the Q9. I'm getting consistent 500 k/bit speed at this point.

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