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Discussion in 'Moto Q 9c' started by BIGD, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. teuton

    teuton Member

    Some time ago I posted this in a thread in the Q9c forum with absolutely no results, so I am trying here because the problem must be in the OS and this thread at least deals with software (Hacks).- If this is considered as a double post or if it is at the wrong place then I sincerely apologize, but I really do not know where to go with this and I really need help......
    This is very strange.
    On my Q9c with WM 6.1 the unit converter gives incorrect results when converting some units.- Other conversions like time, temperature and speed are Ok.- These are some examples of incorrect conversions:
    10000 Kilograms = 0,00022046 ponds
    1000 grams = 1000 Kilograms
    1 Ounce = 28349523125 grams
    1 Gallon = 3785412 Liters
    1 Imperial Gallon = 454069 Liters
    1 Quart = 94635295 Liters
    1 Meter = 1 Centimeter
    1 Meter = 1 Millimeter
    1 Meter = 0,00393701 Inches
    1 Square Inch = 64516 Square Centimeters
    1 Hectare = 10000 Square Centimeters
    1 Hectare = 1000 Square Meters
    I'm not very knowledgeable in this area, but I believe that somewhere in the OS must be files that contain the constants to convert from one unit to another.- For some reason these constants must be wrong on my phone.- Could it be possible that somebody knows exactly where these files are and be so kind and copy these files from a correctly working phone and send them to me so that I can replace my "bad" files?
    Again, If I have done something wrong, please accept my apologies...
  2. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    for future reference please bump your own thread

    if you think the problem is in the OS then master reset the phone and see if it is still off
  3. rfarrah

    rfarrah New Member

    Are we playing "Stump the band"?

    .......I think you win.
  4. teuton

    teuton Member

    Good morning.
    Please be aware that my native language is spanish and that there are certain things that I do not understand...
    "Stump the band" - what does it mean??
  5. teuton

    teuton Member

    Thank you.
  6. rfarrah

    rfarrah New Member

    My apologies. The phrase refers to an old bit done by Johnny
    Carson on the Tonight Show where audience members would try to suggest a song and the band would have to play it. If the band couldn't do it, the audience member had "stumped the band and won a prize.

    So I was making a joke saying that (other than 99's hard-reset answer) nobody knew the answer to you question. Again, sorry for the silliness.
  7. teuton

    teuton Member

    Thank you, now I get it... In this case I don't want to be the winner,
    I would like to hear the band playing my song...
    Anyway, thank you again...
  8. dethenigma

    dethenigma New Member

    Thanks for all the info...

    Been looking for some (tricks) for my Q9c (since I just got it) and I am glad I came across these...

    The primary ones I am looking for ~ are speed for browsing, and some others... nothing much else...

    So, I went to Q apps, tried to DL, but I have to add 4 more postings before I am allowed to DL... so, in the mean time, I will keep researching... :wink:

    Thanks for everything!
  9. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    there is no post requirement to download here...
    why the site for the software you are looking for and you can download it or even search google...there is no reason to wait for some other forum
  10. Dipster

    Dipster New Member

    So does this work for Verizon phones? I just tried this, and can't seem to get it to work. Would I need this, plus the GPSID settings app that MoDoCo has to get it to work?

  11. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    verizons Q's GPS is locked
    get an external GPS device...thats the only way
  12. Dipster

    Dipster New Member

    GPS on VZ Q9C

    Sad that VZ still hasn't unlocked it. :(

    But thanks for clearing that up. The follow up question would be could I get the MS GPSID API to work with a BT attached GPS then?

  13. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    you dont need any additional software (other than a map program) to get gps to work with an external unit
  14. taker23girl

    taker23girl Guest

    MMS Q9C Hack not working

    Hey all;

    I have tried using the hack, as well as the registry hacks, and a combination of the two. Everything installs ok, but when I attempt to send a MMS, I am asked if I want to send pixmail or flixmail. Either option looks like it is going to work, then the default mail program thingy pops in front preventing me from using the hack.

    Any suggestions on disabling that? (e.g. make my MMS work again):dft011:tounge_out

  15. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member

    you could try uninstalling the then rebooting. If that doesn't work re-enter the orriginal registry setting and reboot.
  16. BWG

    BWG Member

    I unlocked my phone then changed the DNS servers manually in my registry. I did a master reset and now I have no data connection on my phone. When I view the TcpIp folder the only remaining registry keys is the (Default) and the MTU.

    DNS and all others are gone. What do ya think I should do? I have a WM6.5 phone. Should I unlock my Q9C again and manually create the keys I see on my WM6.5 device?
  17. tmusquiez

    tmusquiez Member

    Some infor I found on here by Sir Duke

    I know this thread is old as hell but I just got started on doing stuff to my Q9C. Not sure why I even have this phone...
  18. manbat

    manbat Active Member

    The Q9m/c's were good phones....I still have one active and use it for work every. It still can do things my personal TP2 can't. I wonder sometimes what a "Q" could do with one of the newest processors and lots of
  19. tmusquiez

    tmusquiez Member

    I've done the:
    1. Shutter sound disable
    2. Permanently delete text message
    3. Speed hack (though I don't see a big difference on load times)
    4. IE cache size

    I'm sure the call history length and call beep can be done but I don't mind the default values.
    I have a Q still sitting around, and it disappoints me that I can't update to WM6.1 since I bought the phone on eBay. Maybe Sprint can still do it, but I doubt they're interested in servicing outdated products.
  20. tmusquiez

    tmusquiez Member

    You can also go to:
    and change the GridView value from 1 to 0 to get a list with little icons insteads of the 4 icons per row.

    Sorry to revive a dead thread.

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