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  1. Official Application List

    Here is a running list of applications that are recommended/ asked about on the forums.
    If you respond to me via pm or email, I will add your app to the list.
    Respond with any that you use that you don't see listed.
    * Note items highlighted in red are free applications.
    Underlined items are linked to their respective download pages.

    PIM Software

    Agenda One: PIM Software
    Agendus: PIM Software

    Extreme Agenda: Replace the standard calendar
    Papyrus: Replace the standard calendar

    Contact Software

    Contact-ing: View your Contacts using Photos
    Dupededupe: Remove duplicate contacts from your device.
    Sim Manager: Copy your contacts to your sim card

    SMS/Email/ IM Software

    Agile: Instant Messaging Program
    CeTwit: Twitter client
    ExtremeTxt: Add SMS conversation ability to your phone
    GroupSMS: Send a message to multiple contacts at once
    IM+: Instant Messaging program
    Inbox Extender: The ability to delete all emails in bulk
    Inboxtones: assign ringtones to email/sms
    LEDAlerts: visual alert email/sms
    Oist: Free sms tone program
    Palringo: Instant Messaging program
    Pusheffect- push email for your device
    Slick: Instant Messaging program (In Beta)
    SMSBubbles: sms preview on home screen
    AOL AIM: Instant Messaging Program

    Alarm/ Reminder Software

    Alarm Master: Alarm management software
    CT Alarmclock: Does what it says
    CT Alarmclock Lite: Freeware version
    CT Birthday: Never forget an important date again
    Don’t Forget: Never miss an alert
    Eddie's Snooze: Freeware Alarm Clock
    OxiosAlarm: Another alarm option
    Schedy Mobile: Free alarm clock option

    PDF Software

    Adobe PDF Reader- Free PDF viewer
    Clearvue PDF- PDF file viewer

    Homescreen Software

    BlackBarsScheme: From Eko- does exactly what it says
    Facade: Homescreen customization program.

    Orange.dll +Allows you to put multiple items along the top taskbar
    SmartToolKit: Windows like interface

    Right Menu: Great to have fast access to your favorite things

    Phone Software

    Call Jockey: Simulate incoming calls
    Dialpad: Puts the letters corresponding to numbers along the top of yourscreen
    Eye On Call: incoming call, features skins/photo contacts/ringtones/vibrating, super firewall, auto reply by SMS and other functions.
    PhoneGate Lite: protective tool to reject unwanted callers
    PhoneGuard: Reject undesired incoming call and SMS messages.
    Privus Mobile: Caller ID Service
    Magicall: SMS filtering and dual-way calls filtering


    Bejeweled: One of the greatest games for a mobile device
    Bejeweled2: Update to a classic
    Doom: Get the Original Doom on your device
    Guitar Hero III: wm version of a recent hit
    GNUboy: Gameboy Emulator
    Kevtris: Tetris Clone
    Kevtris2: Update to the original

    Nine Hole Golf: Par 3 Golf Game
    PocketNesterPlus: Free Nintendo Emulator
    SPVMan: Pacman

  2. Part 2

    RSS/Podcast Feeders

    BeyondPod: rss/podcast feeder/client
    MDigger: Rss feeds
    Newsbreak: Newsfeeder program
    Newsgator: rss feeds
    Viigo: rss feeds

    Password/ Wallet Software

    Ewallet: Keeper of passwords & other stuff you don't wanna forget.
    Flex Wallet: Now part of Ewallet
    SplashID: Another Password App
    SplashWallet: Mobile Suite of Splash ID, Splash Shopper and SplashPhoto
    Msafe: Remotely lock your device and SD card if lost or stolen

    Multi-media Software

    Coreplayer: Multimedia program
    TCPMP: Play videos from youtube on your device

    Utility Software

    Candlelight: Control your keypad light on your original Q

    CT Scheduler: Automate tasks on your phone
    CT Scheduler Lite: Automate tasks on your phone
    Dashwire: "backup" on line
    ISS Essentials: Utility pack
    Keylock: Autolock your keypad
    Moto Q Flashlight: Turn your camera flash into a flashlight
    MyMobiler: remote control phone from pc
    PocketDOS: Run DOS on WM
    QCaps- One handed typing (original Q only)
    Reset Button: Reset your device without removing the battery
    SKTools Standard: Utility program to clean misc files from your device
    SKTools Lite: Free version
    SmartTweaker: Tweak your device
    Sprite Backup: Must have backup program in case of phone crashes
    SwitchProfile!: Change your Profile automatically
    Tipster: Simple tip calculator
    Screen Capture: Capture Screenshots of your device
    Vista Battery Monitor: Puts a battery monitor along the top of your device.
    VitoCopyPaste: Copy and paste program
    Vito Ringtone Editor: edit/create ring tones on Q

    File Management Software

    Resco Registry: registry editing
    Resco FTP: ftp client
    Resco Explorer: Improved file manager.
    SmartphoneFind: let's you search the Q
    Total Commander: File explorer and registry editor

    Sync Software

    MobSync: Sync files with your PC
    Smartphone Notes: sync's with desktop Outlook Notes
    Oxios ToDo List: Manage your Outlook Tasks

    Weather/ Maps Software

    Fizz Weather: Weather App for your phone
    Google Maps: Great mapping program for the device
    LiveSearch: Maps and directions
    Metro: Public Transportation Guide
    Pocket Weather: Another recommended weather app

    List Software

    Listpro: Great for creating lists for shopping, repairs, etc.
    Mylist: List software

    Misc. Software

    [FONT=&quot]Documents to Go: Built in the 9 series
    OlivetreeBibleReader: Bible Reader
    Opera Mini: Alternate web browser

    PDAnet: Use your device while tethered

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