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  1. Bodero

    Bodero New Member

    No 3G? WWVZWD?

    Moto... No 3G in Q11? You can't be serious. You aren't serious. You want to convince us you still are relevant in the phone market. The Q9m/Q9c from VZW is still the only phone I'd get if I lost my current V9m. It's a great phone, and the first phone I've kept for more than a year. But then you bring out the Q11, which on the surface looks pretty...

    ...and no 3G? Seriously? I hope a Verizon boardroom says the same thing I'm saying to you. We know they forced you to put a scroll wheel into the Q9 (Thanks VZW! And SCREW YOU right back for disabling GPS). Hopefully they won't let this turd on their network without you going back and adding a little something called EVDO.
  2. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    isn't a bit premature to complain (and get all upset) about a product not available yet..

  3. Bodero

    Bodero New Member

    Now's the time when, if we complain, they can actually do something about it. And like I said, Verizon has quite an influence on the phones they offer. They don't just put crap out there (which is why their phone selection is slim sometimes).
  4. PacoJr67

    PacoJr67 Active Member

    usually the phones with no 3G are the ones we see released in other countries where the data plans are more pricy (i.e. the Q9e)
  5. brandon.roeder

    brandon.roeder New Member

    Yeah, this is being released in Brazil first. Dont think theres 3g there yet..
  6. Bodero

    Bodero New Member

    We can hope. Though my real hopes were a q9 successor here in the States before Christmas (as my contract is up and this is the big phone season).

    Maybe I'm making too big a deal over EVDO - Verizon just activated it here in August, and I just think it's the greatest thing. Believe me, once you go 3G, you can't go back!
  7. darkdomino

    darkdomino New Member

    Common sense says no one in their right mind would release a smartphone in North America without 3G/EVDO...

    But hey I've been wrong in the past.
  8. dima

    dima New Member

    Maybe 3G is a "trade secret". :laugh2: If they put EVDO Rev A in the thing, then voila... Napoleon. Better yet, put one of those Qualcomm Gobi chips in it, and then they have a universal 3G HSPA/EVDO phone. Now put an optical mouse in it and put winmo 6.1 Pro on it and it would be just about perfect.

    Not quite sure I know how an "optical mouse" works on a smartphone, but they seem to be appearing on other phones now. Maybe an on-screen arrow driven by a scroller-ball or something....
  9. wolfpackfan

    wolfpackfan New Member

    When I first saw the announcement I was very excited. I am on an original Q and have been wanting to upgrade for a long time now. I have been very pleased with my Q except I wanted WiFi and GPS. Now I see the Q11 will have these features. Plus I am moving my 4 line account to AT&T in January and figure hopefully they will carry the Q11. But no 3G, that is ridiculous. Hopefully the specs will change before/if AT&T releases the phone. If not, I guess I'm looking at an iPhone. I really like the one-handed use of the Q though. Plus it has the software I want.
  10. crb79

    crb79 New Member

    3G is a SERIOUS issue. In the current marketplace I just cannot see it competing without it. Sure they want to keep the price down but get real! I paid $54 for my Q9c thru work discount, seen it at $89 without my work discount even! For the level of phone this is I would have happily paid the $89.

    Now other issues I was very let down about were the memory, and no news of processor strength. I was seriously hoping that the follow up to the Q9 packed a 400+mhz processor and 512mb built in system memory and 256mb ram. Afterall I'd pay a $50 markup for the 512mb system and 256 ram. With the up and coming Skyfire browser it sucks processor power, but kindly rewards you with fully functional web access. You would just imagine with all these software companies pushing the edge of the hardware the manufactures would throw more into the pot.

    Even if I had to be tethered to my power cord while websurfing (already am with Skyfire due to it overtaxing processor) I would be happy with 400+mhz Cuz then you could safely overclock to 550/600 :)
  11. George Knighton

    George Knighton New Member

    I think our problem is that we were looking at the Q11 as if it were the successor to the Q9h, and it obviously is not.

    No 3G, no processor or memory upgrade, point to the budget conscious and I suspect the Q9h will carry along beside the Q11 for a while, since they should appeal to different target audiences.

    The thing is...I really do not see Motorola and AT&T cooperating effectively to market the Q11 effectively, to the budget conscious who would never send huge files or have other need for 3G. The marketing is going to have to be effectively aimed correctly, and judging from past performance of these two companies acting together, people would be acting reasonably if they predicted a failure.

    What we need to do is take the 6.1-based Q9h, add WiFi, the processor out of the V9, and a little more memory, and you'd have a hell of a lot of Q9h owners buying a new device that obviously isn't like the Q11.

    For whatever one old man's opinion is worth.
  12. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    Can someone explain to me how a smartphone can be a budget conscious phone? How much is this phone going to cost without a contract? $50? $20? 10? Coz we all know you can get a phone for cheap with a contract.
  13. 47seijar

    47seijar New Member

    This is a low-end or, at best, a mid-range phone. Don't be fooled by the Q11 in the name. It's still head and shoulders below the Q9 in the pecking order.

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