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Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by wnrussell, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    the phone will have to be in cdma mode for the gps to work or the chip won't power
  2. thachvx

    thachvx New Member

    Help me! How to Active GPS on Blackberry 8830 Verizon?

    Hi everybody!!!
    I'm from Vietnam, i have a Blackberry 8830 verizon.
    How to config and active GPS on my device?
    Help me please!
    Thanks for all!
  3. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    if it is a verizon 8830 it will only expose cellids. in other words googlemaps is the only way to get a location. you should find a blackberry forum. this is a wm area. im not familiar with other carriers versions of the 8830 but it does have a gps.
  4. saman_atr

    saman_atr New Member

    Saga`s Gps Files

    Hey Guys , i don`t if this thread already has been terminated or you guys are still working on the hack for q9c but i got my hand on a Samsung Saga from verizon with updated open gps and extracted some files off of it . i`m still not giving up on this and am in the process of replacing some of the files in the verizon`s Q9c with these open gps files . here are the files if somebody else would like to look at it .

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  5. Boredpianoman

    Boredpianoman New Member

    Please let us know how they worked out for you. I have Q9M that I've been trying to unlock the GPS for, for awhile. Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful up to this point, and I hope they might work for me.
  6. wnrussell

    wnrussell Active Member

    Interesting, can you please post some more about this, how to install, etc.?
  7. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Active Member

    Oh the memories. This thread brought me to EQ. My new Eris is charging now. I can keep this USCC Q9c activated for a day or two if there are any break throughs but have to port my number soon.
  8. saman_atr

    saman_atr New Member

    Well , I Made a Cab File that would copy over the existing GPSID & GPSAPI and copy the the rest into that folder , i`m gonna post the registry of the Intermediate Gps Driver as well .

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  9. deeplist

    deeplist New Member

    Alright, so anything new from the recent posts? I have been following this thread for ages and I just want to unlock the damn GPS on MY phone. Verizon is such a PITA sometimes!
  10. saman_atr

    saman_atr New Member

    Guys I don`t know if this would be of any help to anyone here but The Easiest Way i Found for extracting the rom files is a program called ROM EXTRACTOR .It works perfectly on my both SAGA and Q9C . All you have to do is type in the path for The ROM file and Full path for your output file . so no ROM DUMPING to get your hands on those DLL files . i`m posting the program . just copy it off anywhere to you phone start it and type in the full path for both input and output file and within seconds you`ll have the copy of it . Also Vieweing DLL files is easily done by a program named PE EXPLORER . it does a perfect job . Cheers

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  11. milovance

    milovance New Member

    I have never needed to post in this or any other cell phone forum before. Google is my friend and I don't like to waste other's time. I have learned tons and friends bring me projects to tackle for them. Google is a powerful friend.
    That said I just hate to see this thing die. Verizon users are moving on, that makes sense. I use cricket and for the likes of me yesterdays news is pretty much all I can afford. I'll keep playing with it for some time now. Still haven't taped the full potential of my q9c. I just wonder how much harder it would be to get some more functionality out of Sprint's roms instead of patching up verizon roms. How hard would this approach be? Isn't possible to get a sprint rom to work with verizon/cricket with only the loss of mms. I can live with that, but can we put it back in with less effort than sorting out all of the GPS driver issues and the like in verizon roms? My experience is limited but I usually figure it out in the end. I have read most of this thread. I really don't want to waste space here.
  12. xokeman

    xokeman New Member

    It is amazing that still after so many years there is still interest in unlocking this feature on people's phones!!! I for one have interest still!!!

    Well take it easy all
  13. Kevin Macovei

    Kevin Macovei New Member

    how can i get the new firmware on my Q
    (yea i know this thread is old but i need this)
  14. Kevin Macovei

    Kevin Macovei New Member

    i have a motorola Q9m
    and i changed my GPS settings to
    PDE IP Address:
    PDE Port number: 8888
    PDE Transport: IP
    Position Calculation: Mobile

    it failed
  15. Kevin Macovei

    Kevin Macovei New Member

    Yea i still have interest too

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