New Q9c: Case?

Discussion in 'Motorola Q Accessories' started by brandon.roeder, Mar 13, 2009.

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    New Q9c: Case?

    I just sent off for a replacement Q..and I when it gets here I want to keep it protected (unlike my other one :p)

    So I'm looking for a case that is very thin..I had a gard case but it added like 2 inches to the width of my phone.

    Any ideas?
  2. Q-Area51

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    Whatchya lookin' for . . . leather? :) -Q
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    I have a Sprint 9c, but I purchased got the slim standard battery and a Verizon cover. Then I purchased the Verizon case: motq9cas 601290429603. I might want to get another one if I can find a good deal on it.

    I like the case because the swivel clip is so tight up against the case I didn't even know if was a swivel. Most swivels stick out, so the phone gets bumped more when worn on my belt. I wear it horizontally, and tend to forget about it, I've even put the seatbelt on over it and don't even notice.
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    moto Q9 cases

    geesh! has anyone found a tuff case and holster for the Q9h? im pretty tuff on my phone as a paramedic and need somethng to protect it! love the otter box but cant find one for the
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