New Phone Time @ Work

Discussion in 'Samsung Saga' started by Peregrine, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Peregrine

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    New Phone Time @ Work

    'Ello Friends. Been awhile, I know. Sorry. lol

    Had a Q. Upgraded to a Q9C. Loved it. Lost my Q9C, went back to my old Q. After having the 9C that was a tough transition. lol

    Several contracts were up at work (I am the IT Guy) so a bunch of folks went shopping. I let people get whatever phone they want.

    New phones at work:
    - SMT5800 (1)
    - BB Pearl Flip (1)
    - BB Curve (1)
    - BB Storm (2)
    (Yea, I told them to wait for V2 but nope....)
    - HTC Ozone (1)
    - Samsung Saga (3 including mine)

    Wasn't sure where to put this thread so I put it here because I have a Saga.

    At first I thought the Saga was the perfect next gen version of the Q9C. But then I saw the Ozone which feels much much more like a Q9c because of the sliding panels screen. The Saga feels like the successor to the 9C in size alone, in use it feels more like a replacement for the WinMoby Treo.
    I always wanted to try the sliding panels with a touchscreen, but alas the Saga doesn't seem to have panels.

    Overall I adore it and am glad I got the Saga. I was debating between that and the BB Flip because I used to love flip phones. The Flip feels so cheaply made but I don't think it is. I think it feels cheap because it feels almost freaking wieghtless! Seriously. I really do like the Pearl flip. Keyboard is way better then the Pearl, the Storm like interface is very nice. Pretty impressed. But still very happy with my Treo-like Saga. ;)

    Just wanted to share...
  2. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    welcome back!!!
  3. blackmeto

    blackmeto Active Member

    as you will see you can try spb mobile shell to change your UI
    Ive tried all of them but the one im happiest with after some tweaking is throttlelauncher
    check the whats your today screen thread in the saga forum
  4. Peregrine

    Peregrine Member

    Can I take my thanks back? LOL J/k
    Tried it. Didn't love it. Only tried the two main themes, but, I prefer many of the WinMoby OS shortcuts and stuff.
  5. blackmeto

    blackmeto Active Member

    its cool you can take it back.
    After all the experimenting im right back to a default today screen with retro clock, pocketweather and gpstoggle

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