New Moto Q9C for Verizon?

Discussion in 'Future Motorola Q Smartphones' started by qwho, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. mobidutch

    mobidutch New Member

    I really hope that besides ditching the media UI, the Q9c will also NOT have that horrid red color on the sides of the casing, but will stick with a more business oriented black/charcoal.
  2. walltech1

    walltech1 New Member

    not bad at all

    just a quick reply. I received my Q9m today from Verizon and the red is more of a burgundy-not at all like you see in the pictures. Actually quite classy. I was surprised. I'm going to start looking closely at the software and supposed lag time between apps tonight.
  3. relaxnow

    relaxnow New Member

    hmm... maybe i can get my playa and well dressed man phone all in on after all? let us know how the apps & performace is after your done rubbing your little fingers furiously all over the key board:tounge:
  4. mobidutch

    mobidutch New Member

    I checked out the Q9m in the local Verizon store last night. I'd have to agree that the (indeed more burgundy) red is not as offensive as it looks in the pictures. Still.....too much red on this phone for me with the accents on the keys and around the D-pad, I don't like it. The Q9h looks much more "business" oriented.

    Other impressions:
    - did not notice any significant difference in performance, screen switches etc.
    - WM6 looks nicer and has some useful additional features...discussed in many other places
    - the build quality of the Q9m seems really good, except for the red it looks more classy than my black Q
    - the keyboard is nice....not such a giant leap from the Q as some make it sound, but except for the red accents it certainly looks better than the Q's keyboard, and it feels a little better too
    - the D-pad definitely looks and feels nicer than the Q

    Overall a nice external evolution from the original Q. But given that I am not eligible for any upgrades, it is certainly not $469 nice....
  5. ppcmd

    ppcmd New Member

    Originally Posted by troutseth
    So to bring it back on point, the Q9m (and potentially the c) have a list of improvements. As I and others are judging whether it is worth the upgrade cost lets talk about what we know. I had hoped to wait for the c, but it seems that the reviews of the m will have to be my decision point.

    Anyone who has the Q9m please add to my list. It is meant to be a MACRO list, not every bug resolved:

    Upgrades of the Verizon/Sprint Q9m Q9c:
    WM 6
    Docs to Go bundled
    SDIO with external WiFi support
    New form factor and keypad
    New Interface (multimedia from Verizon for the m; WM for the c)

    Rev A
    GPS native
    Increase in memory
    Increase in processor
    GSM/CDMA support (seems to be a new trend - Blackjack and BB)

    From those who have hands on -- what else is an upgrade or omission for the 9m (and conceivable the c)
    Just to confirm, has it been stated that the Q9C supports SDIO WiFi? The only reason I say this is if the Q9c is the CDMA variant of the Q9 Global (aka Q9h) then I was under the impression that did not support WiFi or that it had not been confirmed as of yet. If the Q9c is the Q9 Global with CDMA radios and it supports SDIO WiFi then there is hope for those who want WiFi in their devices.
  6. qwho

    qwho New Member

    I think I am gonna wait till my new every two is up next summer and get the vx6800... I think I can put up with the Q for the next year or so. If verizon isn't going to upgrade the Q (in more ways than looks and wifi card support) it is either switch to a new carrier, or switch to a different phone. I like vzw, but I would rather have a phone with integrated wifi than buy one that can add it later at the cost of sacrificing a storage card...
  7. pgreenbe305

    pgreenbe305 New Member

    I agree with QWHO

    I love Verizon's service, and think they do a good job in SO MANY PLACES in the US, but the technology delivery is pretty weak! I have a Black Q that I got 3 months ago, and I actually like the IR port, so it's good that I have this one, but the insides of the Q9H look a little more peppy (for lack of better terms). Needless to say, I'm not willing to take such a huge hit to get a new Q, so I'll keep my Black Q until another 17 months and if VZW has something better by then, then I'll stick with them. If not, I'll wait for my contract to end and see how good the other carriers' service is...
  8. hawkyman14

    hawkyman14 New Member

    q9c updates?

    Any updates on the Q9C? My phone is on its way out, and the q9c seems like exactly what i need.
  9. PNut

    PNut New Member

    As of this morning, according to my business rep, there is no plans for a new Q this year beyond the Q9m.

    But there will be a couple dozen nice new versions of the Razor...
  10. hawkyman14

    hawkyman14 New Member

    i have had enough of the razor, time for something new
  11. dima

    dima New Member

    I want a new Q with RevA, INTEGRATED WiFi (so I can stream and sling :laugh2:) and not lose storage card. Or better yet, 2 or 4 Gig of integated storage and junk the slot. And a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

    The spacebar on the Q9M is too short. I can't finger-type and thumb it.

    I'd love to see VZW ink a deal with Sirius and get a satelite radio chip in there too. I'd take tha over the vcast media-TV thing.
  12. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    If the Moto Q 9c for Sprint is a rebranded Moto Q 9m, than what is the Moto Q 9c for Verizon?

  13. mobidutch

    mobidutch New Member

    Supposedly it is the corporate version for the B2B channel. Exactly the same as the Q9m, except:
    - without the custom Verizon Music home screen
    - without red accents on the case and keyboard

    But now that it seems the HTC Iris may be coming Verizon's way, I'm wondering if the Q9c will ever see the light of day. Oh well. I jumped to the i760, that will tie me over to a potential WM6 based Treo.
  14. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Since the homescreen is easily changed, I'm surprised they'll release a phone that is an exact duplicate hardware wise and give it a new name. At least when they released the Moto Q Black, it was clear there were no hardware differences. Perhaps they'll add GPS and the design cues will be enough to warrant a new name.
  15. mobidutch

    mobidutch New Member

    The Iris has WiFi b/g built in, that will be nice. Also, it has two LEDs right next to the earpiece speaker.... one for charging and network status, the other for WiFi and Bluetooth status. Hopefully someone will find a way to use those for notifications of missed calls/voicemails, SMS/MMS/Email.

    See the user manual of the Telus S640 here.
  16. mobidutch

    mobidutch New Member

    BTW. I jumped BACK to the Q. The i760 turned out to be a total pain to use..the button placement is aweful. Having the D-Pad and menu buttons off-center really sucks, but having the Start and OK buttons on the side was truly aggrevating me. Couldn't stand it...with the i760 you really have to THINK where your fingers need to go, and you need to shift the phone in your hand to move from front pad buttons to side buttons. Plus the slide-out keyboard....impossible to use one-handed. That's it for me...ONLY full QWERTY keyboard on the front from now on. The Q rocks. The Iris will be an interesting (small) evolution.
  17. lil_sunshine

    lil_sunshine New Member


    Don't get your hopes up. The HTC Libra/S720/SMT5800 has Wifi, but Qwest, Telus, and now Verizon have disabled it for release on their networks. I suspect that the providers can get away with not providing Wifi on smartphone devices because more people use them for personal phones than is the case with pocketpcs.

    Haven't heard much about the Iris for Verizon. Frankly, my money's on a Q9C on Verizon the with the same form and features as the Q9M minus the music screen plus GPS maybe. Even though they can sell the current q9m as a business device, ditching the music screen and the fancy color scheme will probably make it easier to sell to the corporate crowd.
  18. U2502

    U2502 New Member

    Anyone heard anything else about the Q9c for verizon? I was hoping that it would be sometime before the holidays, but after everything else that they have already released, it does not look very likely.

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