Need to get all info off Q and into Excel.csv

Discussion in 'Windows PC and Moto Q' started by leroycjr, May 7, 2008.

  1. leroycjr

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    Need to get all info off Q and into Excel.csv

    Well I had all my contacts sync'd up with my old jobs Outlook. Well I changed jobs and I had exported the contact off the job computer. Well damn hard drive crashed and I didnt back up the contacts list. So i need to copy all the contacts info off my Q and get it into a excel file.

  2. Geekster

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    Your best bet is to take your cell phone to your providers local store and tell them the same story. They have the equipment to do it. Alltel will charge you $10.00 to do it. It is usually a print out but it's something.
    Best bet if you absolutely need to export to Excel it to sync with a PC that has Outlook & export to Excel from there.
    Unless someone comes up with a wonderful program or way that I don't know about (I hope they do) then those are the only options that I can think of.
    Hope someone can think of something else better
    Good luck
  3. piranah

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    do you have the pim.vol?

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