Need help on getting data working on Q on ALLTEL network

Discussion in 'Alltel' started by RichardReed, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. RichardReed

    RichardReed New Member

    Need help on getting data working on Q on ALLTEL network

    I have purchased Q phone (brand new) from Ebay and activated it on ALLTEL carrier by changing the ESN to my account. I have EVDO data service on the account, but I am not having much luck finding master user/pass to use data on PDA and via USB. The phone work just fine with voice and text messaging..

    It should be with password of alltel

    Anyone know how to modify the phone to make it work on non-VZ carriers? I already had the AAA (Data Auth Server) updated to match the phone ESN..

  2. ausmatt

    ausmatt New Member

    Ive heard alltel's data is differnt...

    Because my cousin had a vzn q in december but the datalink/broadband would never work on it.
  3. jchandler

    jchandler New Member

    I've read elsewhere that your situation will not work.
  4. livspop

    livspop New Member

    I can confirm that it will not work, period. Sorry you wasted your money. Can you activate it on Verizon?
  5. RichardReed

    RichardReed New Member

    Nah, I didn't waste any money except for my time as I have resold the Q back on eBay within a week after getting it from eBay. The 1st phone has issue (non-data) which turned out first batch of Verizon Q phones has known hardware issues which I was glad I was able to get rid of. I already got new ALLTEL Q phone last week with WARRANTY for $99 after rebate..

    I wouldn't pay service with Verizon when I can get it with free service with ALLTEL as I work there. Verizon sucks with their TOS on limitation what you can do with their data service. (They claims unlimited but really 5GB cap and I do excess that 5GB limitation easily monthly with my PC Card).

  6. ausmatt

    ausmatt New Member

    Yeah thats what I did.

    With a deal like that why shouldnt you get a brand new one WITH warrenty.
  7. gmplr831

    gmplr831 New Member

    Thats why i love sprint. No problems either with data usage!
  8. RichardReed

    RichardReed New Member

    Yep, it is also a good thing that Sprint/ALLTEL has very good data roaming agreement.

  9. oddllama

    oddllama New Member

    no money wasted, I'm using it right now. Just set your DUN to dial #777, no username or password and presto!. Took me a while to learn this. Your welcome ;)


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