My Telus data plan bill this month = over $2,000!!!

Discussion in 'International' started by lovesick101, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. lovesick101

    lovesick101 New Member

    My Telus data plan bill this month = over $2,000!!!

    I don't get it!!! since I don't use internet THAT much! and I have the talk and email 50 plan...I really don't get it....does it have to do anything with that pmsnserver.exe??? what should I tell Telus???
  2. tok129

    tok129 New Member

    Wow, that's insane! I don't know what pmsnserver.exe is so I can't comment on that. I have the 4MB/month Telus plan and I've only been a few dollars (I think like $5) over once. I don't use email (PUSH or otherwise) or any other pre-fetch software such as weather, news readers, etc. I do use up most of the 4MB though just from surfing a few web pages a day on average.

    Are you a new Telus member? If so, you might be able to get them to cut some of the bill down. Just give them a call and let them know you either didn't use that much data or you were unaware it would cost that much. If they won't budge, tell them you'd like to cancel your account and move on to their competition. Of course, you'd still be stuck with the bill if you do this, but it might help them understand you're serious about the issue.

    Also ask to see a breakdown of your data usage statistics (if you haven't already) so you can see where the huge number is coming from. The more you know the better off you'll be when you call in asking for mercy!
  3. SimpleBinary

    SimpleBinary New Member

    Is there a reason why you didn't get an unlimited data plan??
  4. tok129

    tok129 New Member

    Canada=Non existent and/or unrealistic unlimited cell plans...
  5. whitie_bear

    whitie_bear New Member

    i had the same problem, telus billed me incorrectly 3 times

    first month after my 3 month free data stopped, they overcharged by $130, the best way to check is to log into, on the left find ecare, then find data usage, then click data usage summary

    filter out the data usage from one time to the next, my bill goes from 15th to 14th so feb 15 to march 14, i filter that out see the kb usage then i check the bill, if it differs, online is right and your just another person whos been over billed....its been 3 months later (from my unlmtd data end) and all 3 bills ive been overcharged

    first time, they gave me 2 months and 29 days free data, not 3 months so my last 2 days that i was MILKING the free data they charged me, which also took away from my 4 mb, so not only did i use up my 4mb when i shouldnt have, i got charged an extra 100$, then the day i was supposed to be off free data i got charged for any data usage because my last incorrect charge used up my 4mb so i got $30 back from that

    you got to watch your data usage daily on mytelus, and always compare your bill to the data usage online, they always over charge

    check my post
  6. miquel

    miquel New Member

    Tell me about it....the largest plan is 250mb.

    My data bill is always $300-$400/mth and Telus won't do anything. Too bad there wasn't some real competition here.
  7. FourTwenSesh

    FourTwenSesh Active Member

    Competition does exist. Switch to Bell and you will never complain again. Trust me.

    You might also want to let Telus know, so that they can ooze some of their "sweet deals" to you as you cancel your account.
  8. miquel

    miquel New Member

    I would switch to Bell, but there coverage is crap where I live. I had Bell previously and would not get service when I drove to Saskatoon. Telus has great coverage where I drive. So I guess, take the good with the bad. I pay more for better coverage.
  9. bhall

    bhall New Member

    I use to work for TELUS Mobility and their rates are quite high. I have a few friends who work for Bell Mobility. If you are on a Corp plan with Bell Mobility you might be able to get an Unlimited Data Plan for $60.00 a month (Treo/Q Only). They do have this plan, I am on it. This plan wont work with a blackberry.

    They dont tell anyone about this, though it came into effect on March 19th 2007. If you walk into any Bell World Store to confirm, they would of received a memo through there InfoNet Bell System dated March 19th with this information. The Memo is titled "Unlimited $60 PDA Plan for Corporate Clients"

    Hope that helps anyone in future. Again you must be on a Corp plan.

    At this point Bell Mobility hasn't capped it out yet so it is truely Unlimited, though time will tell. :wink:
  10. miquel

    miquel New Member

    I just had the Bell rep in my office last week and he didn't say anything about their data plans. He kept telling me how superior his push-to-talk was to the Mike network.

    It doesn't matter to me right now, anyways. My Q is at Motorola (again) for repairs....twice in 3 months! Arghh!
  11. bhall

    bhall New Member

    I have had Bell Mobility's Push To Talk service. 10 - 4 Service. The only thing that I would say makes it better then Telus Mobility's Mike Network is that Bell Mobility is $15.00 for unlimited 10 - 4 per month.

    Hate to ask, though your Q is in at Motorola being repaired? AGAIN?
    What kind of problems are you having with it?
  12. miquel

    miquel New Member

    The first time it was repaired, I had installed the Telus update. Immediately after the update, the phone froze and could not be turned on again. 4 weeks later, I got it back.
    This time, the Q started cycling power and freezing up. I called Telus tech and was advised to do a master reset. I did and everything worked great until...Friday. It then froze. I removed the battery, but the screen stayed on?! I called Telus tech again and they told me to send it in. Now I gots no phone for probably another 4 weeks.
  13. qberry

    qberry New Member

    Mine too!! First months bill with Bell Mobility $1800

    I have the $45 month talk/data plan which include 4mb. I'm a very light user and have my emails set to only allow first 5k through. Yet somehow I have a bill in the mail that says I used at 114mg at$12 per meg. I don't understand it at all! Any insight?


  14. miquel

    miquel New Member

    How do you check your email?

    Is it set up to check automatically or do you physically go into the messages folder and hit send/receive?
  15. qberry

    qberry New Member

    I have it set to retrieve every 15minutes, however only pulling the first 5bytes of each email.

  16. miquel

    miquel New Member

    There's your problem. Mine was originally set up like that, too. Then after my massive bill, I called Telus to complain. They told me when the Q auto checks, you get billed for 10kb of data transfer EVEN if there is no email to retreive.
  17. rewen

    rewen New Member

    Telus and Bell use the same towers and technology and should therefore have identical service areas. In fact, Telus is probably paying to use Bell equipment in a lot of areas out east, and vice versa out west.

    I would say that your phone just wasn't up to the challenge when you were on Bell.
  18. qberry

    qberry New Member

    Moto Q

    Thanks Miquel, after reading you response yesterday morning I set my send/recieve times to 'never' and did not receive or send any emails at all yesterday. I checked my usage this morning and in the last 24hrs with the new settings I went from 9.5mb to 12.3mb!! Isn't that crazy? and it was off over night.

  19. miquel

    miquel New Member

    Maybe, but it left a sour taste in my mouth from the experience.

    You should call Telus and find out wtf is going on. You have a pm.
  20. cleung

    cleung New Member

    Sigh, but you have to either be an employee which your employer offers you the option, or your corp has to have (or will have) at least 10 active bell cell users for the corp plan, providing you (the employer) will get the new phones from them, then you can have your unlimited data! It is a rip off from bell, I regret switching from my blackberry to moto. I used to have unlimited data with 250 mins voice with unlimited weekend for only 100 bucks with my blackberry! I switch because I wanted the camera phone, and bell doesn't carry any curve nor pearl. I can only stick with my old plan if I get another blackberry, which they no longer offer the unlimited data plan. They cut all the good plans, and their plans are getting more and more pathetic every month! They just cut their $100 for 250Mb, which is I think is the more reasonable plan, which is still somewhat a rip. So now all bell data plan have left are the crappy one, $25 for 4MB! $60 for 30MB, and $200 for 500MB! Isn't this pathetic!

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