My Review of Imagio

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    My Review of Imagio

    Coming from the Q9M and wanting a touch screen phone I wasn't sure the Verizon offering was going to satisfy that want. I looked at the iPhone like so many others but I can't have a phone with spotty service, so I looked at the Droid and Imagio.

    First impression the Droid is very nice, but lacking local PC syncing without all the google interaction just turned me off. I really don't need more information in more places than I already have it and the requirement that you have a Google e-mail account, according to Verizon, just pisses me off to be frank.

    I picked the Imagio and in the week that I have had it I have been really impressed. I wasn't sure the touch keyboard would work with my fat fingers, but it has been for the most part pretty good in both landscape and portrait mode. I have used the included stylus on a few occassions, but even that is not as bad as I remember with the old Palm's.

    It took me a couple of tries to get the wireless sync setup up being the unit does not come with the software, but I found it and it installed great. I took the unit to my local verizon store for some help but they insisted it couldn't be done. My thought, why not it is a windows phone. I took that as a challenge and with the help of the settings on my Q I was up and going in about 15 mins. I am very happy and I set it up to notify me when it connects and completes the task. I use to get spotty connections with the Q, but no more. Like clock work every 20 mins it syncs up and lets me know.

    Now on to software which there is not a lot of native 6.5 but most of the stuff I was using is working fine on the Imagio:

    SKtools Lite
    PHM Registry Editor
    Q Inbox Extender
    Reset Button (
    Smart Explorer EN
    Skyfire (only runs in Portrait mode that I know of)
    Google Maps

    You can change the home screen to a picture of your choosing and it displays the time in both large format and small (your choice with a simple drag of your finger or stylus. I also like the weather display as part of the home screen it updates according to your location and it changes images according to the weather, clouds, drizzle, rain, and when it shows rain a not essential but fun feature you see a windshield wiper go across the screen to clear the rain drops. No third party programs needed to get real time weather. (Not necessary and some my hate it, but why not have a little fun)

    I no longer need Smart Pop Ups program I get all the pops I use to use standard, just configure and go.

    Omnisoft Ten Pen Bowling and Nine Hole Golf (so much easier to play on Imagio)
    Vegas Pool
    Microsoft Pinball

    I do miss my Dice Real Poker, it won't display properly, but it does install without a problem.

    Wish List: I am sure other my have some too.

    Add the contacts tab to the Touchflo 3D, it has a cool favorites list that displays pictures of the contacts if you have them and you can select the favorite and any contact info that is filled in there is a touch icon for, work, home, cell, email and text.

    More software that is verified to work with 6.5, but I am sure more experienced folks will find, modify and share as the phone gets more users.


    There is no perfect phone or operating system and I am sure you could always find something to pick apart with any phone and OS, but as of this writing I am not disappointed all that I did not go iPhone or Droid. I hold my own as a novice and as a novice I say go for it if you are thinking about it.

    Oh yeah I forgot, it feels good in my hand too. The function buttons are simple and you can designate the media one to do another task such as put the phone in camera mode for a quick picture shot. (No flash, but I don't use the phone for quality pictures, just silly stuff I might see in my day to day that I send to friends) Not too big and I love the textured edge that hides the micro led indicators.

    Now I have a round of golf to finish.


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