My phone seems to have made itself into a paperweight...

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9c' started by bananapants, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. bananapants

    bananapants New Member

    My phone seems to have made itself into a paperweight...

    So I've been using my Moto Q9c fine with relatively little trouble for quite some time. Today I exchanged a couple of text messages, put the phone in my pocket, and sat in a classroom listening to a lecture for an hour. When I got out of class and tried to check my phone, it was off.

    Okay, not a huge deal, my phone likes to turn itself off sometimes.

    However, when I hold down the power button, I get nothing.

    I thought, okay, maybe my phone didn't charge last night or something. I come home and plug it into my charger, and I get nothing.


    What just happened?

    I'm counting out battery failure since it won't power on via the power cable.

    So is my phone just a paperweight now?

    What are my Sprint warranty options for replacing it or getting a new phone? I've had this phone for 1 year and a couple of months, maximum.

    I'm ready to throw this thing out of a moving car.
  2. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Active Member

    You are at the point where battery failure is likely. See if you can find another battery to try.
  3. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member

    if you have the insurance with them; they will replace it with another Q9c if available. If not it will be the next closest thing. It's possible you could fanagle a reducd price if you want to upgrade.
  4. bananapants

    bananapants New Member

    Yeah. I tried it with the charger and no battery = no go. Took it to the Sprint store and they tried a different battery, and that didn't help.

    So it's just a brick.

    Time to upgrade. I didn't buy insurance on this phone but honestly I've been very unhappy with it, so I'd rather just pay for the upgrade rather than pay $120 to try and fix this thing.

    My family supposedly qualifies for Sprint Premiere so I should be able to upgrade for the full discount now after 1 year instead of 22 months.

    Funny enough they didn't mention that to me at the Sprint store, but told me the manager would sneak me in a special he might get in trouble for by bumping up my discount to the 22 month one instead of the 1 year discount.


    I'll just buy online.
  5. Boredpianoman

    Boredpianoman New Member

    You might want to try this

    I wouldn't do that yet. I had the same problem with my wife's Q9m, which is now mine. She thought it was a paperweight as well and bought a Blackberry. She was worried about losing her contacts, so she passed the phone on to me and I was able to "unbrick" it. I completely dismantled the phone, and completely blew it it out with a blast of canned air. Then I plugged in a charger WITHOUT a battery installed and powered it up. It came on like normal and we were able to salvage the contacts. Since reassembly, which was May of last year, I have had no problems with it. I was even able to upgrade to WM 6.1 with the help of these guys. I can help you do it to your phone, if you are willing.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. Just a word of caution, my particular problem also included a faulty battery that lasted not more than a few hours after being fully charged, which I changed as well.
  6. bananapants

    bananapants New Member

    I haven't had any battery issues. My charge on it was fine. It's tempting to take this apart and blow out all the dust that has accumulated under the screen and probably elsewhere in the unit. I suppose I have nothing to lose trying it since it's already a brick right now. But at the same time I'm tired of this phone and its problems, and if I can just get a BlackBerry for cheap and just be done with it, the cost seems worth the piece of mind.

    I jumped the gun a bit with the premiere status, since my phone isn't the main number on the family account. But I talked to a Sprint representative online and he said he'd make a note on my account for any repair costs to be reimbursed. And the store quoted me $120 to fix it last night (which I highly doubt is the true cost, but whatever).

    Which is kind of confusing, because I already qualify for the $75 discount.

    So say I get this fixed for free by the store, Sprint eats $120 on the free repair, and in August when my 22 months are up, they eat another $150 if I upgrade. I guess if they also pay out the rebates, they'd eat another $100. So basically in one year, Sprint would take a $370 hit on me.

    If they just bumped me up to the 22 months now, they'd only eat $150 + $100 rebate, for a total of $250.

    Plus they'd get my money now instead of in August, so what I pay now has got to be worth more than what I'd pay in August, or even at a later date if I didn't upgrade at exactly 22 months.

    Even if the repair isn't $120, Sprint has already promised me a free fix, so whatever the charged cost or actual cost is, its going to be in addition to when I qualify for the upgrade.

    So not giving me the upgrade early just doesn't make sense to me.
  7. Boredpianoman

    Boredpianoman New Member

    Your Sprint issue has me confused as well. Verizon did something similar to me. :dft002:zombie

    As for your Motobrick, I hope whatever you do will work. I'll tell you, I went to the Verizon store while mine was a brick, they said to me, without even looking at it, that is was garbage. They even tried to offer me a refurbished one. I came back to them a day later after I unbricked mine, they couldn't believe it.
  8. bananapants

    bananapants New Member

    Well I went back today to give them the benefit of trying to fix it since Sprint CS told me they'd credit the account the charge for repairs. I figured if it was bricked, then I would have to haggle about getting a new phone.

    The guy took it, tried to get a charge into it, couldn't, logged it as DOA, then gave it to his phone tech, and 20 minutes later he came back with it working.

    I asked what was wrong and he said his tech plugged it into a different charger and literally it worked again. Maybe they have a super charger in the back there, or something?

    That was kind of a shock for me, since I tried to plug it in with and without the battery, the girl last night did the same at the Sprint store, and she even put in a fresh battery.

    So yeah, I don't know what miracle charger they have back there, but I guess it saved me some money since this is supposed to be free, or should be regardless of if I called CS because they didn't actually do any repair work. Because I'm especially not paying $120 for them to plug my phone into a f-ing charger.

    Its kind of ridiculous that the girl was going to charge me $120 last night and I probably would have had the same resolution.

    I guess the moral of the story here is to complain to CS about being sold a poor product, and get credited the repair costs, of course, only when you haven't broken the phone yourself. I guess the next step is to ensure that I don't get charged that $120 on the next billing cycle or two.

    I guess my journey with this phone continues.....
  9. Boredpianoman

    Boredpianoman New Member

    Well I'm glad your phone now works, for the most part. :dft003:cool Are you going to upgrade the software on it? Or are you gonna search for another phone?

    P.S. A word of caution. All due respect my friend, I don't recall foul language being allowed in the forum.
  10. bananapants

    bananapants New Member

    I'm just going to keep it as-is for now. I can't do anything cool with this phone because it has major issues reading the memory card consistently, so its not worth my time.

    I'm just going to hold out hope this lasts me until at least August (when my 22 months comes up), and that after that point, save up some cash to upgrade to a new, non-Motorola phone. Hopefully there will be newer model phones of the Moment, Pre, and Pixi (because while all of those are cool phones they're very incomplete in some ways).

    Also, I edited out the swearing. I was just upset and frustrated with Sprint and Motorola.
  11. Boredpianoman

    Boredpianoman New Member

    :dft003:cool No prob. If it makes you feel better, Verizon makes me like that too. Maybe by the time you get your upgrade, things will be better for me as well.:dft010:big_smile I here the LG eXpo is nice.
  12. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Active Member

    Somewhere I read that a .1 second touch of 12 volts will bring dead batteries back. The batteries have a chip that shuts them down when their voltage gets too low and the zap brings them up to where the chip will allow them to charge again. Curious that the other battery was dead too.
  13. Boredpianoman

    Boredpianoman New Member

    Interesting, although I would think that the battery capacitor's life expectancy would be very short. So it wouldn't do much for the battery.
  14. bananapants

    bananapants New Member

    It was a brand new battery because the girl was peeling off the plastic stuff over the connectors. And I assume it was one of those pre-charged batteries so people can get out the door with their phone up and running. But I have no idea what Motorola phones on the market use that battery, so maybe it was an old one that lost its charge since Sprint brick and mortar stores haven't carried the Moto Q since summer 2008.

    Even still, the phone wouldn't power on while plugged into the charger without the battery in. Is there is one of those tiny lithium batteries inside the phone so it doesn't loose the boot data when the main battery is dead? Maybe that died and he shocked it back to life?

    I have no idea!
  15. Boredpianoman

    Boredpianoman New Member

    Actually I found that little battery right by the speakers when I opened it up. I moved it from its little soldered area and the phone came right back on when I hit the power button. After that, i moved the battery back into position and placed a piece of, oddly enough, foam from a band-aid on top of it and closed it up. I was laughing so hard when it came back.

    I think that little battery works like a CMOS battery on your motherboard. Who knew???
  16. bananapants

    bananapants New Member

    Imagine that...

  17. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Active Member

    You has the cheeze.

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