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    My own homescreens - New Stuff, Updated 9/18

    I couldn't find exactly what I wanted out of all the great available homescreens, so I just muxed around for a bit and finally succeeded in making my own.

    I like simplicity, so I just wanted a black background with white text, and a little something to make it interesting.

    Its really easy to make your own background with whatever picture you want, in any color you want. Just find a homescreen with a layout you like, and then change the text color and background to whatever you want.

    To replace the color of the text to what you want, open the .xml file with notepad, and change "fgcolor = #sixdigithexcolorhere" for each plugin: MRU, clock, profile, etc.

    To give it your own name, change the 'title' tag near the top.

    To make the .xml look for your background, change "background bgimage="yourimagenamehere.jpg"". Make sure your custom image is in the same directory, which is application data/home.

    And without further ado, here are mine:

    Don't mind the 'unregistered' text, thats just a watermark from the program I used to get the screen shots. It doesn't show up on your phone.

    Oh, also, since both of these were originally the USArmy homescreens from gadget, they include the missed calls plugin.

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