my new default browser touchscreen only?

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    my new default browser touchscreen only?

    this is the latest standalone version of opera mini for our phones.
    the difference here is now it can open streaming videos in coreplayer with the press of a button. Not all but alot of them.
    Also data heavy sites can be sent to opera mobile 10 to be viewed in true desktop fashion

    features from the developer:
    - GSensor Disabled-Enabled
    - Online MP4 watch(need coreplayer)
    - Large Files Download(need UCWEB)
    - Latest address open automaticly with Opera Mobile or UzardWeb
    - youtube mp4 download&waych(with youtube player for htc)
    - and more..

    1st opera mini native windows mobile
    2nd mortscript
    3rd imbunned

    from here

    Thanks imbunned

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