Multiple Page Text Message Problem

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by alkalinetony, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. alkalinetony

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    Multiple Page Text Message Problem

    It seems that I am not able to receive text messages containing more that 160 characters. I will receive the first half of the message and after 160 it cuts off and I get a message immediately after that says "Preceding message was modified to comply with this handset. Media objects were removed." If I send a message containing more than 160 characters, whoever I'm sending it to will receive it in two separate messages, just like I have with any phone I've ever had before the Q. Does anyone else have this same problem? I would assume it's just a setting that I can't find.
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    First you need to find out if this is just happening when receiving from one specific person, phone model, or carrier. Different phones handle multi page text messages differently, and (as far as I know) this is predetermined and cannot be changed via any setting I know of.

    But once you find out what I mentioned above, you can take appropriate action by going to your provider
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    Mine does the same thing. If the person sends them as MMS, it will be longer.
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    Unfortunately, it does it for everyone.
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    I read in another forum that if you send it to, it will allow larger messages.
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    I always get them as more than one message. they come in message by message.
  7. buckguin

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    Yeah, I can get more then 1 message too. I have one friend that sends long texts and she has send me 3 pages before and they just come in as 3 different texts but I have no problems receiving them.
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    My Studies...

    I'm writing this as a Moto Qc user on the Verizon network. I do not know or pretend to know if this holds true to using this phone on a different network.

    I've been playing around with trying to figure out this whole problem.

    (Skip to the line of "---------------" if you want my results and no explanation of how I got this)

    I have to start at the beginning to let you know where my curiosity came from. I have had a PDA phone since 2003. Started with the Palm phone, went to the Treo (yes, they are different), and now I have the Moto Qc. Since the inception of creating text messages over 160 characters I have been in the dark for receiving them. No matter who sent me a text message, if it was over 160c, I got the first 160 characters and then "Preceding msg modified. Media objects were removed." within a nanosecond. I got quite used to that and my friends knew that if I sent a message back saying the last couple words they sent, they had to say everything after that again.

    But then came the day that got me wondering. My buddy sent me a text message and I recieved the text. I got the first 160c in one text, then immediately after opening I got another text with the remaining message. I first though he had just typed the first 160c and then sent the rest in a new message. I shrugged it off, subconciously thinking since the second message was only a few words, the typing didn't take to long and then both messages were sent close together and were delivered at the same time. But not to long afterwards he sent another message that was four texts long.

    I then asked him if he wrote new messages if he was writing individual messages or a massive one. He said massive.

    So I could receive text messages from other people. He has the Nokia E62 which is a smartphone. I first thought that I could receive split texts from smartphones.

    So I started testing and this is what I have come across.

    My friends iPhone would split the text messages. The iPhone is newer, so maybe age has something to do with it?
    Wrong, my sisters Voyager and my buddies Glyde do not send the message. Plus, my buddies Nokia (running AT&T) and brother in laws Treo (Verizon) both split the text messages.

    I then came to the conclusion it was indeed smartphones that I could receive split messages from.

    Then I found phones non-smartphones on other networks could send me split texts.

    Then it hit me.

    All the phones that I could not get split texts from all run the Verizon software on the phone. Being that when a Verizon software phone receives a text from another Verizon software phone, it connects the message into one long message, making it easier to read than switching between text messages. My thought is that Verizon software phones send the first 160c's of a text. It then sends another text starting with a formatting code that connects it to the message just before. It does this for every 160 characters worth of code and/or text. This would also explain why I sometimes receive multiple "Preceding msg modified. Media objects were removed." at a time.

    --Too long; didn't read-- is below...


    Phones running Verizon software (not running on Verizon network, but the software) will not receive the messages correctly.
    Phones not running the Verizon software, regardless if the are on the Verizon network or not, will split the text after every 160c's.

    I apologize if this has been explained somewhere else or has a better answer. I was researching this for a specific answer to see if I was right and this is the first sites that comes up on Google, so I wanted to put something down for future answer seekers.
  9. Geekster

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    First... Welcome to EQ
    Second...a friend of mine has a Motorola E815 & he sends a long message the same error comes up that you get. I can send him a book with no errors.
    My husband can send a "book" to me (Moto Q) and I get it all and vice-versa.
    We have never been able to figure it out. My friends just type till they reach 160 send and finish if they have too.
    Who knows why? Just the way it is.
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    i used to be able to receive as many messages as well, but after i updated to 6.1 i get that msg saying the media was removed and all that other crap. very annoying, must have something to do with the update. there seems to be no other explanation !! oh well, hopefully someone comes up with a hack or something

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