Move Email to Storage Card in WM6 / WM6.1

Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by 0100010, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. 0100010

    0100010 New Member

    Move Email to Storage Card in WM6 / WM6.1

    !! I would recommend against performing this hack at this time. It is not working 100% at the moment. Will update when I learn more. !!

    I had used this hack in the past in WM5 :

    But, for this to work in WM6 / WM6.1, you need to do the following:

    Create a folder on your Storage Card (I used "Email")
    Create a sub folder under it (I used "Attachments")

    Edit the registry at


    Create two new Strings

    Name: AttachPath
    Value: \Storage Card\Email\Attachments

    Name: PropertyPath
    String: \Storage Card\Email

    Copy the contents of \Windows\Messaging to \Storage Card\Email

    Copy the contents of \Windows\Messaging\Attachments to \Storage Card\Email\Attachments


    Confirm your existiting messages are still available
    Send / receive an email or two, confirm they are visble / works normally

    Delete the contents of \Windows\Messaging and \Windows\Messaging\Attachments to save space

    Thats it

    EDIT : If this a dup, I apologize. I blindly followed the WM5 move email hack on my Q9C and only noticed today (after a couple weeks that the Email folder on my Storage Card was empty). Had to hunt around to figure this out for 6.1.
  2. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    the "old" method did work in 6.0, I know I did it.

  3. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    ps. but thanks... I was thinking about doing the email hack..

  4. 0100010

    0100010 New Member

    Hmm, not sure why it did not for me? I got the 9C, made all my "normal" regedits, setup WirelessSync and used it for about 4 days. Then master reset, upgraded to 6.1 using the leaked ROM (only days before it was released officially, ha), re-did all my edits / reinstalled apps and noticed earlier today the email folder on the card was empty.

    Perhaps it is just 6.1 that is different...
  5. 0100010

    0100010 New Member

    Getting some strange behavior - messages show, but I do not get the body of the emails now. Let me keep playing with it for a while...
  6. 0100010

    0100010 New Member

    Still playing with it. Seems I have the lost the bodys for the existing emails in my inbox, new messages come in fine. But, regardless of storing the messages on the card or on the phone, the new .mpb and .att files still default to the phone.

    I'm thinking it may have something to do with wirelesssync, not sure yet.

    If you are willing to possibly lose your emails currently stored on the phone, give this hack a try - see if it behaves any differently for you.

    If you would rather play it safe until all the kinks can be worked out, make no changes.

    I m curious if this works for anyone else though.
  7. jameson

    jameson New Member

  8. SLKStang

    SLKStang New Member

    I don't get it.. I made the change and yet I'm still saving to the system memory. Filling it up quick too. Anyone figure out how to get it to work?

    -- Steve
  9. crashdau

    crashdau Member

    I use these instructions since upgrading to WM6.0 Works everytime I think because it is in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  10. TreeFrog

    TreeFrog Active Member

    good point crash! Big-D's instructions give the HKLM also for WM6+....which is the hack I followed and has never failed.
  11. Anthony1180

    Anthony1180 New Member

    email on storage card

    So, after reading some of the posts here, and before i do this, can you or anyone tell me if this "jacks" with the hack for ie temp to storage card. i saw that it was mentioned. i only ask this because i have had to do like 3 or 4 hard resets to get junk completely off my phone. i have a decently clean phone and want to keep it running smooth and uncluttered. thanks in advance.
  12. crashdau

    crashdau Member

    Not sure what you mean by ..."jacks" with... but for the IE to Storage Card hack I use this hack and it has always worked on my phone...

    These are the first reg hacks that I import (cause after doing it too many times after Hard Reset I exported them and saved'e, on SD Card for future imports) and I've never had a problem.
  13. jhalsey205

    jhalsey205 Member

    I have been using the email to storage card and ietemp to storage card without issue on both my q9c and q9n. I created cab installers - the same hack as listed in the previous posts (which allows one to uninstall via settings/remove programs) for both:

  14. Sherry

    Sherry New Member

    Is the email to storage for 6.1?
  15. jhalsey205

    jhalsey205 Member

    Yep - I have the hack installed on my Nap and my wife's Q9m/c, both running 6.1.
  16. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    I have only seen the problem occur with a few Q9h's (including mine). Very rare. I have not seen similar reports from other Q's.
  17. droesch

    droesch New Member

    Settings for Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 WM 6.1

    windows mobile 6.1 email on storage card registry settings


    AttachPath = \Storage Card\My Documents\Mail\Attachments\
    PropertyPath = \Storage Card\Mail\

    the other variations did not work for the TP2 but this location did. Don't forget to create the folders on your storage card.
  18. mislatero

    mislatero New Member

    wm6 and wm6.1 is the same rute for make this hack.

    work good in any wm6.x
  19. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Active Member

    Uninstalling jhalsey's email to storage .cab killed my phone. It took two master resets to get it back. Not happy. That .cab didn't do anything on my phone so the link should go away.

    * Trying to track the fail. I ran the .cab. Nothing. Then I added the HKLM/System/Inbox/Settings values AttachPath=Storage Card/Mail/Attachments and PropertyPath=Storage Card/Mail

    all programs on the storage card then became unavailable so I couldn't delete those registry entries. I then uninstalled the email to storage cab. The phone then wouldn't get past the green WM 6.1 screen. Two or three master resets finally cleared that.

    Posting from the phone now.

    ** Adding PropertyPath hoses my USCC Q9c. I installed PHM to the device this time so I could reverse the change.

    *** I now have 37.54MB free on the Device. When I got it I had to run AutoClean to get to 30MB free. ???
  20. jhalsey205

    jhalsey205 Member

    Sorry to hear about your problems. Fyi - I just uninstalled the cab file and had no problem. I then performed a soft reset, and still no problem - this on my Moto Napoleon.


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