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Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by tj!2k6, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. BigOrange

    BigOrange New Member

    Be warned, editing the registry can mess up windows. You need a registry editor. There is a link to one here
  2. tj!2k6

    tj!2k6 New Member

    Here it is!

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  3. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

  4. Pony99CA

    Pony99CA Active Member

    Boosting Maximum Headset & Earpiece Volumes

    I haven't tried this much myself (the one time I did, it didn't seem to make a difference), but you can experiment with boosting the audio gains. Go to HKLM\Software\Motorola\BPCTRLR\WaveDev\BaseGains and try increasing some of the values there.

    A larger number specifies a higher gain. Increase the values in single steps above the default to avoid overloading the audio device (or your ears). Reboot the Q for changes to take effect.

    Credit: dootsmasta

  5. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

  6. tj!2k6

    tj!2k6 New Member

    There is an app called "RightMenu" which changes the functionality of "Contacts" softkey on the homescreen from a single function to a menu-driven list of shortcuts.

    For example, my right softkey now offers...

    - Contacts
    - New SMS
    - New Appointment
    - New Task
    - New Note
    - New Voice Memo

    ... all directly from the homescreen.

    AND, you can also create scripts in order to make your own custom shortcuts.
  7. Pony99CA

    Pony99CA Active Member

    It's increasing a cache size, so I suspect the worst that can happen is that you'll run out of memory a bit sooner.

    These hacks have been known about for almost a year (or maybe longer on other devices), so I suspect if they caused problems, there'd be plenty of warnings against doing them. :wink:

  8. tj!2k6

    tj!2k6 New Member

    Why do you have 10 .cab files? You only need one, the correct one.

    The one that was downloaded when you selected "Smartphone 2002,2003 (ARM/PXA)".

    The one called "regedit.Stngr_ARM.CAB"
  9. Pony99CA

    Pony99CA Active Member

    Deleting Programs

    You can delete the shortcut icons in the Start menu, but you can't delete the programs themselves. They're in ROM, so they aren't using user-available memory anyway.

    Did you set File Manager (or whatever file browser you're using) to display hidden and system files?

  10. Pony99CA

    Pony99CA Active Member

    Font Size Changes

    There are several things to try.

    First, if you want to make the system font larger (but not necessarily in every application), you can try the Accessibility settings applet and change the System font size to Large.

    That didn't work on the call status screens, though.

    If you don't like that, you can edit the registry, but there are a lot of places to check.

    The first is HKLM\System\GDI\SYSFNT where you can change several values, like:
    • Ht -- The font height (or size). The current value here looks big, but it's actually a negative number (ones- or twos-complement signed binary, so FFFFFFFF is -1, I think). Making the number smaller should make the font bigger. You can also try positive numbers (like some of the fonts mentioned below use), but there's some difference between using positive and negative sizes that I never remember.
    • It -- Turns Italics off (0) or on (1).
    • Nm -- The font name. If you have other fonts, you can use them.
    • Wt -- The font weight (or boldness). The default (400) is normal; 700 is usually used for bold.
    I don't know what CS or Qt do.

    However, that may not hit every possible control. To change the fonts on various dialog controls, you need to check HKLM\System\GWE and the following keys (which have similar values as SYSFNT):
    • Button -- Changes the font on dialog buttons.
    • Menu\BarFnt -- Possibly changes the font on menu bars (maybe the softkeys on the Q).
    • Menu\PopFnt -- Changes the font on pop-up menus.
    • OOMFnt -- Changes the OOM font (maybe the PIM applications, which used the POOM databases).
    Make sure you reboot after these changes.

    So what does it all mean? Well, I changed the SYSFNT Ht to FFFFFFCD (so the font should be like 32 sizes bigger), It to 1 and Wt to 700. Some things got really big fonts (like options dialogs, IE Favorites and warning messages), but most applications that I tried didn't (Web pages, E-mail, the call status screens, etc.). The title bar was in Italic and maybe bold, too.

    I also tried changing the OOMFnt size and adding font information for the MsgBox GWE item, but neither of those worked.

    I figured I had spent more than enough time on this, so I'm not sure what (if anything) will do what you want on the Smartphone OS, but give those a try. However, it's possible that the call status screens have hard-coded font sizes and can't be changed.

  11. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    i believe its a cab you need to get that file on to your Q then run that file from your Q's file manager
  12. ungbug

    ungbug New Member

    this one, which i found from another forum, has been useful for me. and i always have one hell of a time trying to find it on google and having to search through other forums.

    [​IMG]Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2006 9:29 pm Post subject: [​IMG] You can assign speed dials to keys which can launch programs rather than just dialing numbers.

    You can also change the function of the button below the scroll wheel, but be aware that it might cause your scroll-wheel to function improperly. I changed mine to map to the email/backlight key instead of the default backspace function so that I could easily turn the backlight off. It worked great except that my scroll-wheel started working only intermittently.

    Here is what you need to change in the registry to change the function of that key (copied from the registry hack thread):


    Keys of interest:
    0x14 Default is SPKPHN (Speakerphone/Voicecommand)
    0x15 Default is EMAIL (Messaging/Backlight)
    0x24 Default is JOGSELECT (Trackwheel click ? Unconfirmed)
    0x32 Default is CAMERA (Camera button)
    0x34 Default is SIDEBACK (Back button below trackwheel)
    0x36 Default is SOFT2 (Right soft key ? Unconfirmed)
    0x44 Default is SOFT1 (Left soft key ? Unconfirmed)
    0x65 Default is TALK (Green Talk key ? Unconfirmed)
    0x67 Default is HOME (Home key)

    You can interchange the values, although I would recomend against remapping some of them, such as softkeys. But you may want to make other keys (like the side button) perform the same function as another. I have my side key now set to do SPKPHN, which is pretty handy.

    (the key below the scroll-wheel is 0x34)
  13. Pony99CA

    Pony99CA Active Member

    All The Hacks?

    Wow, you're calling me out? :wink:

    Here are some of mine that I know of. There may well be others. You should probably delete your claim that they're all there. As conscientious as you've been about updating things, you haven't been perfect (but who is?). :wink:

  14. Pony99CA

    Pony99CA Active Member

    Keys & Values

    I think you're confusing keys and values. The key is the path in the registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MAPI) where the values (AttachPath and PropertyPath) are created. Those values get data as you listed above.

    Did you copy your existing files from \Windows\Messaging to \Storage Card\MAPI (and the attachments to \Storage Card\MAPI\Attachments)? If not, you won't see your old mail anymore, just any new mail.

  15. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    on the first page of this thread you will see some registry editing programs listed
  16. Pony99CA

    Pony99CA Active Member

    Don't Unzip the CAB

    It looks like you unzipped a CAB file. Do not do that. Just put the CAB file anywhere on your Q and "run" it from there. That will install everything for you.

  17. Guerrilla

    Guerrilla New Member

    That would be quite cool, but no one has found a way to alter the keyboard lights, as far as I know.
  18. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    you can sync folders using a program called MobSync, hope this helps and is what you are looking for.
  19. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    or you can use Contact Changer, you have to run it manually every time you add contacts, the developer wrote me a while ago and said the next version will automatically after adding contacts.
  20. Pony99CA

    Pony99CA Active Member

    6 MB Hack Doesn't Work

    That hack doesn't work. It basically involved "replacing" large files in the \Windows folder with zero-byte files.

    However, that was actually just overlaying the ROM versions of the files, so not only were you not saving space, you were actually wasting it with all the zero-byte files!

    I got the author to test that and he agreed that it didn't work and removed it from his site.

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