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Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by tj!2k6, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. tj!2k6

    tj!2k6 New Member

    Motorola Q Hacks

    After setting up my Q for the N-th time and having to keep looking up the information on the [registry] hacks I use in various places, I thought it would be nice to compile them all into one thread.


    In order to make changes to the Registry, you will need a utility such as:

    a.) Mobile Registry Editor (Run this from your PC)

    MRE Note: If you receive an "access denied" error when making changes to the registry, try AEConfig to unlock your Q. Make sure to follow the instructions! You do not need Q-specific instructions.

    MRE Note2: If the AEConfig download link is unavailable on the previously mentioned page, you can also find it here.
    - or -

    b.) PHM Registry Editor (Run this from your Q)

    PHM Note: You will need either the "Smartphone 2002,2003 (ARM/PXA)," or the "Desktop Installer" version.

    - or -

    c.) Resco Explorer with the Registry Add-In (Run this from your Q)

    Resco Note: You will need the Smartphone version of Resco Explorer.

    - or -

    d.) Total Commander. (Run this from your Q)


    If you have info for any hacks that aren't already here, please add them.

    These have been taken from some threads here and over on I didn't note the authors at the time, and I apologize for that. If one of these hacks was originally discovered/published by you (or you recall the author), just PM me and I'll add the credit info to the hack.

    If you think something needs better wording or information is missing, PM me with the details and I'll add it.

  2. tj!2k6

    tj!2k6 New Member

    No Camera Click Sound

    No Camera Click Sound______________________________________
    Go to:

    Change the string/value:

    to say:

    No Startup Sound___________________________________________
    Go to:
    \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\SystemStart \Sound
    \Windows\Piano.wav to \Windows\*none*

    Disabling beep when hitting send to dial a number (djcampis)________
    Go to:
    -> Change the value for the Sound string to *none*

    Change the Startup Splash screen________________________________
    Go to:
    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Splash Screen

    Change the "MSBitmap", "CarrierBitmap", and "CarrierShutdownBitmap" to the image you want to display. Make sure both values point to the same bitmap.

    Speed Hack_______________________________________________
    -> change limit from 16384 to 32768

    -> change cachesize to 4096

    [​IMG]Hide labels in Start Menu (mad3963)_______________________________

    [​IMG]Sort Start Menu alphabetically (apperrault)_________________________

    [​IMG]Disable Sent Text Message notifications (pyrobling)_________________

    Adding Password Protection Before Using Data Connection (Pony99CA)

    Changing Ringtone/Vibrate duration (jjroadwarrior)_______________

    Change the Start Menu from Grid view to List view (larsdennert)_____

    Change the Bluetooth browse root (bit_bucket)___________________

    [​IMG] Email: Mark All As Read / Delete All (bishop)___________________

    Move Internet Explorer Cache to Storage Card_____________________

    Move Email and Attachments to Storage Card______________________

    Adjust Lock Timeout, Backlight Timeout when locked, File Associations (larsdennert)

    Getting Google Maps to work with Bluetooth GPS_(evil247)_________

    Change the name of your device_(thegasguru)__________________

    Dim the screen brightness_(dayspring)_________________________

    Limit the Cache Size_(Pony99CA)________________________________

    Boosting Maximum Headset & Earpiece Volumes (Pony99CA / origin: dootsmasta @ hellomotoq forum)

    Sound quality (VOCODER) hack_(Phreaker47)____________________
  3. tj!2k6

    tj!2k6 New Member


    Dialpad Hack

    There are two ways to accomplish this:

    a.) "automagically" via .cab file:

    - or -

    b.) Manually:

    Attached Files:

  4. VTDr0p0ut

    VTDr0p0ut New Member

    My phone yelled at me, saying I can't move Carrierlogo.gif, so I copied it for a backup. Then I tried to rename dialpad.gif to Carrierlogo.gif, and it said I couldn't because a file of that name already existed... Then I turned off viewing hidden files/folder... same result. Did you use resco?
  5. tj!2k6

    tj!2k6 New Member

    You need to use the Resco Registry Add-In or PHM Registry Editor in order to edit the Registry. That is where you will find the \HKEY\whatever entries

    The Registry is not a folder like you are thinking, but rather a database in which Windows stores information and settings for hardware, software, users, etc. More information about what the Registry is here:
  6. tj!2k6

    tj!2k6 New Member

  7. tj!2k6

    tj!2k6 New Member

    If you're on a PC (as opposed to a Mac), the default option "Desktop Installer (via ActiveSync)" should do just fine.

    If you're on a Mac or just want the Cabfile, then the first option "Smartphone 2002,2003 (ARM/PXA)" should do the trick.
  8. inf3st

    inf3st New Member

    Are u using telus? if so i believe that telus users have 0 acces to HKEY
  9. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    Here are a few more...

    \hkey_current_user\security LockTimeout Allows you to set custom timeouts beyond 60min.
    One minute is 60000. So 10 hours is 36,000,000. Long enough to lock overnight but
    not be bothersome during the day.
    \hkey_current_user\controlpanel Lockedtimeout Sets the amount of time the screen stays on
    when the phone is locked. Default is a short 2 seconds. Browse around the Control
    Panel section for lots of other useful ones.
    \hkey_classes_root is where the file associations are. Look for entries like
    \hkey_classes_root\xlsfile\shell\open\command or opendoc. See the existing entries and
    it will be obvious how to modify them. Some programs like "%1" param.
    Others just %1. Ignore .xls entries as they refer to xlsfile
  10. tj!2k6

    tj!2k6 New Member

    Is this the key you're referring to:


  11. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    Not on my phone. It is \hkey_current_user\controlpanel\lockedtimeout\timeout

    Crazy how many similar settings there are.
  12. Dayspring

    Dayspring New Member

    I asked this very same question. I have been looking for an answer to this problem myself. Here is the registry key where this is controlled:

    Look in current_user\controlpanel\backlight

    I tried changing the value to 0 seconds, but that keeps the backlight on continuously. I changed it to 1 second, and that works but you still get bright/dim as you scroll through documents. When you select another timeout in the control panel, it reverts to that setting, and you have to enter 1 second again to get it to time out at 1 second. Not a very good solution I am afraid.

    I just do not know enough about editing the registry, and I am concerned about screwing something up.

    Does anyone else have any "DIM" ideas?
  13. TexanNW

    TexanNW New Member


    I've had my Q for the past 10 days and have been trying to find a way to get it to sync with my work laptop. It does fine at home. From reading in various forums it sounds as if my problem may be the corporate firewall but I have no way to change this...its totally locked down.

    I found the following suggestion in another forum but it was a PPC forum. Two individuals in a similar situation (locked down corporate firewalls) claim that adding these entries did the trick for them.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? Unsure

    Reg Sub Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\USB\FunctionDrivers\RND IS]
    Name of value to add: MTU
    Type: DWORD
    Data: 1514 (Value is in Decimal)

    Reg Sub Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\USB\FunctionDrivers\RND IS]
    Name of Value to add: MaxOutTransfer
    Type: DWORD
    Data: 1642 (Value is in Decimal)

    I really like the Q but its hard for me to justify swapping my PDA for it if I can't sync at work... I have to decide by Friday if I am returning it.
  14. bmtespar

    bmtespar New Member

    Just got off the phone with a motorola q level 4 tech and he had me delete a file in my registry on my laptop. I was getting the message connected but as guest and i could only explore the phone. this trick helped out and i wanted to post the instructions for anyone else who has had this problem. i hope it might help some other people since this has been a pain in the a$* for me.

    1) Click on “Start” Menu on Windows Desktop. Select “Run” option.
    2) Type “regedit” in the command window as demonstrated below
    3) Navigate through the registry to the following key in the Windows Registry:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services]

    4) Right click on “GuestOnly” and select “Delete”
    5) Exit “Registry Editor”
    6) Disconnect the USB cable between PC and mobile device for 5 seconds and connect back. Following ActiveSync Sync Setup Wizard window will appear. Follow the on screen instructions and setup the ActiveSync partnership.
  15. Pellicle

    Pellicle New Member

    Add Voice mail to the Start Menu

    For those who are visual and have a hard time remembering to use the one key you can add voicemial to the start menu by copying Voicemail.lnk in the Windows directory to the to the Windows/Start Menu directory. Then to use just use the Homescreen Start soft key and scroll to the Voicemail link.
  16. Dayspring

    Dayspring New Member

    I suppose most mobile phone owners already know this, but in case you didn't you can set up your phone to automatically enter your password and retrieve your voicemail with one command.

    Here is what to do:

    Start>Settings>>Call Options

    Then select voice mail number you enter the following:


    Where ABCD is your password. Each "p" is a pause of 5 seconds.

    Press DONE

    Now when you press and hold "1" it will dial your voicemail, automatically enter your password, and playback your messages.

    This technique can also be used to enter extensions when calling office numbers.

    You can also enter a "w" which allow you to send additional prompts when the timing is right.

    For example. When I call into my work number, I have to enter my employee number to reach another directory, then I enter the extention. So if 12345 is my employee number and 321 is the extention, here is how I would store this number in the contact:


    Now when I dial that number, and I hear the prompt for the employee number, press the green call button, and it will dial the additional numbers. When you are at the extension prompt press the green call button again and it will dial the next string of numbers.

    Hope that helps those that didn't know.

  17. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    Change the start menu
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\StartMenu as follows:

    * GridView DWORD Value = 1, for GridView
    * GridView DWORD Value = 0, for ListView
  18. tj!2k6

    tj!2k6 New Member

    Was it something like this one?
  19. dmxoneiuv

    dmxoneiuv New Member

    Here’s a great tip for us Smartphone users. This will let video play in full screen in Windows Media Player:

    1) Open the registry key:


    2) For each codec listed, change the "Preferred Width" value to 220 and the "Preferred Height" value to 176. If you’ve got a QVGA screen, change the values accordingly.
    3) Delete the file "WMPInfo.xml" on the phone.


    thats the one, thanks tj!2k6. i tried to complete this registry hack but under ASFCodecs, i only have Audio, nothing that says Video. does anyone know if we can add the value or string for video and put in the width and height? it sucks playing videos on the Q and even when u pick "fullscreen" its still surrounded by so much black space, i want it to take up the WHOLE screen area
  20. thegasguru

    thegasguru New Member

    This is how to change the name of your device like you see it in ActiveSync:

    Open your registry editor and change this key:
    Select 'Values'
    Select 'Name'
    and change the Value Data to the new name for your phone (do not use spaces for this name)

    Important: before you sync your Q again, open ActiveSync and delete the partnership that was using your old device name. The next time you sync your device, Activesync will ask you to set up a new partnership with your new device name.
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