Motorola Q flashed to cricket internet fix!

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by reh381, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. reh381

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    Motorola Q flashed to cricket internet fix!

    Cricket Internet Setup Instructions for Mot Q
    Start >>Settings >>Connections >>Proxy >>
    You will see a Proxy called HTTP-{0789CC17-B679-D3F5-73CD-8AD4CB}
    Press Menu
    Go to EDIT
    Scroll down to User name and enter your mobile device number
    It should look like this
    Scroll down to Password and type “cricket” (all in lower case)
    Now access internet explorer and get in the internet.
    You will have a screen pop up asking for your Username and password again.
    Your username and password are the same as above. Please note that it might ask for a Domain Name Please Leave this blank.
    Once you have entered this information and clicked on Done you should be redirected to the website you were accessing. Now you web is set up Enjoy.
  2. Brianbbb

    Brianbbb New Member

    Do you know if that also fixes the mms?
  3. feedback711

    feedback711 New Member

    No it does not.

    I am a cricket dealer out of kc that flashes phones. You have to make sure that the correct data software is installed on the phone.
    Is the phone a sprint or verizon.
    There are two parts to flashing a moto q. A basic and data. Once the phone has been programed to a individual account the mms sofware has to be installed on the phone.
    Then the user must complete rom data settings. As mentioned about to redirect that sofware to the correct cricket wap server

    No you tube or anything streaming. Even with the hacks and flash player. Cricket wap is as old as they come and will never secure a connection to stream video
  4. Brianbbb

    Brianbbb New Member

    Internet Instructions

    Do you know if the instructions about changing the proxy work? I think they are posted above my first reply.
  5. Brianbbb

    Brianbbb New Member

    The phone is originally a Verizon phone. How can I tell if I have the correct software?
  6. feedback711

    feedback711 New Member

    The proxy settings are right. but the phone has to have a dfata flash in order for those settings to work.
  7. feedback711

    feedback711 New Member

    VERY IMPORTANT: Unless you are instructed to, please make sure *228 is NOT done on the phone once data has been configured. In most cases, this will mess up the data configuration. Also, advise the customer to NOT do *228. NOTE: Most LG's are OK TO DO *228 now.

    1. Double check the plan on the account. Don't just take the customers word on which plan they have. Sometimes they aren't 100% sure. It is very important that you personally look up the plan and verify it has internet (WAP).
    2. Make sure Customer Provided Equipment (CPE) isn't selected in Cricket Intergrated Desktop (CID). You want to make sure a phone model that is capable of all data features, i.e. Motorola ROKR, is selected. This will help ensure internet and picture messaging work properly on the flashed phone.
    3. Call Cricket Support and have them "refresh" the customers account. This is an important step and it is important that you complete this step. If internet still doesn't work after completing this step, you may need to call back and have Cricket Support do this again. Sometimes the person you talk to on the phone says they have "refreshed" the account, but never really do. So you may need to call them back.
    4. If you had data configured on an LG, then you may need to do a restore default on your phone. Most LG's have the 2 options relating to resetting the phone. One option WILL NOT erase everything in the phone, the other option WILL. You want to do the option that WILL NOT erase everything. To do this on the phone, go to menu, settings, security (last 4 of the MDN programmed into the phone) and you will see restore default.
    5. If you have completed all of the steps above, please contact support.​
  8. wayne2009

    wayne2009 New Member

    NO Internet, no mms just phone HELP

    I go to settings \connections \proxy I do not see the http lines anywhere the key strokes or settings then i select F which is connections which brings me to A Beam B: Proxy I select Proxy and it brings up A VZN Browserand then menu says ADD EDIT DELETE, if I delete it still does not give me the choice you suggested, and it was flashed everything was working and then by accident I did the Master Reset will you help me please
  9. bryanpjenkins

    bryanpjenkins New Member

    I have a Verizon Q flashed to Cricket....everything works..I.E.; MMS but I'd like to upgrade to the latest version of Windows Mobile/Media Player etc.... Will this screw up the flash?
  10. manzano1389

    manzano1389 New Member

    No internet or MMS messages

    Hi guys i was reading the proxy settings and i tried them on my q9m today. I can't connect to the internet and it gives me a login error, i checked and double checked the user name and password. can anyone help me? :frown: i would really appreciate it! Thanks
  11. texcapps

    texcapps New Member

    Outlook Help w/ the Q on cricket network

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to get the Moto Q to check your outlook msg's w/ out synching it up to your laptop using cricket wap. My text, mms and internet work but I can't get my outlook to login on the net and chk msg's... Please help!!!!!:smile:

  12. civil

    civil New Member

    MMS still not working.

    I visited the site, I did not see any information on how to do the data flash on my Q. I got everything working but MMS, got all the correct settings I found at Howard. Did the basic flashing already, obviously.
  13. civil

    civil New Member


    Hmmm, I have no idea what this data versus basic flashing is all about, but after I went to the hacks forum and applied a few speed up changes to my registry, MMS started working. Then a few hours later, it does not work. What a bummer . . .
  14. srhudson

    srhudson New Member

    Can someone please post entire proxy setup for Cricket?

    Hi, neeewbie here...
    Probably shouldnt have, but did the power on reset when my internet stopped working on my Q.
    Screen colors are back to default and the HTTP proxy was gone.
    Per the notes at the start of this thread I've re-created the proxy connection, but the rest of the settings I'm not sure how they are supposed to be.
    I know the username and p/w it's the three settings:
    Connects from:
    Connects to:
    Proxy (name:port)

    Or, have I blown away something I'm going to need to get back from the Cricket store that flashed my phone?:wacko:
  15. ETbaby187

    ETbaby187 New Member

    I have a MOTO Q the first one btw :)

    Mine didnt have the http {etc etc} so is there a way that i can set it up or do i have to take it back and get it fully flashed again?
  16. Malcolmry

    Malcolmry New Member

    I live in KC and am having problems with my Cricket Flashed MotoQ! Could you help me please!? I entered in all of my info as instructed to with the phone for proxy on the will not let me change the password from the verizon phone...or at least it won't stay changed. Which cricket store are you at!? HELP!
  17. civil

    civil New Member

    If by that you mean that the phone asks you for your password each time you try to connect to the internet or send MMS, that is the normal behavior (for security reasons), but you can change this. Search the hack forums for how to do this. If you find the discussion on how to enable the asking for password each time, simply do the opposite (set to 0 instead of 1).

    The phone should not ask for your password for normal calling and texting.
  18. Malcolmry

    Malcolmry New Member

    No, just in the communication setting where I enter in Cricket Wap, Connects to=Internet,, Type=HTTP, username, etc...and then at the last where it asks for password and I am to enter "cricket" and push save (well, 'done' on my phone). Then I try to connect to internet and it tells me my settings are I go back to settings and everything has remained changed except for the password! What gives? Another question: when I go to my favorites to connect to internet, I, of course entered in a new one because i cannot connect to the verizon ones in the phone and I entered in that correct...what should I be connecting to!? Or will that fix itself once I get that proxy setting password set!?
  19. link433

    link433 New Member

    Connects From : Cricket_WAP
    Connects To : The Internet
    Proxy (name:port) :
    Type : HTTP
    User Name :
    ******* PUT YOUR NUMBER IN *********
    Password : cricket
    ******* ALL LOWERCASE *******
  20. civil

    civil New Member

    Rest assured, we are indeed talking about the same thing. The same thing happens on my phone, and I believe, on others. The only way to change this behavior (of always asking for the password) is in the registry, with a hack, hence my suggestion above (this behavior seems to be intentional, from my observation, not sure if from Motorola or from the guys who do the cricket flashing).
    I made the registry hack change to make it stop asking, and discovered that whenever my phone failed to connect to the internet, it gave no explanation, and no second chances. With the reentering of the password enabled, if I fail to connect, I get multiple chances to try again, by reentering the password, until I connect successfully. So I just live with the behavior, since internet works for me well this way. I just leave the browser open all the time to minimize this, but sometimes it will ask again anyways.

    I know, you are thinking why can't the phone handle this automatically? I have no idea, I just go by experience and reading the forums. I have not yet seen others offer an automated solution to this matter. I suspect internet on cricket might be a tad weaker than on verizon, but I am contented, as I like cricket as my provider.

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