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    Hello all,

    I am a Q9H user and i am very satisfied with it so far, the things that i like about the Q9h are its the stability, call / speakerphone quality and great keyboard. Someone offered me a HTC Snap today. It's certain that the specs of the Snap is way better than the Q9H on the paper but how do daily stuff work in real life on the Snap ? I would like to hear your opinions, especially from those who owned both of the devices.

    Thanks, Semseddin.
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    I used to have the Q9m (basically the same as the Q9h) and I now have the HTC Ozone (same as the Snap but for Verizon). I really liked my Q9, but I like my Ozone a lot more. It is much more stable (fewer soft/hard resets) and is much snappier. It is much faster for loading apps and navigating through menus. The data speeds seem to be faster as well. It feels much nicer in the pocket because of the curved edges. I like that the Snap (at least for ATT) has a track ball for navigating. The keyboard on the Ozone/Snap is a little smaller, and that bothered me at first, but now I think I actually type faster on it than I did on my Q9. The camera on the Ozone is much better. It can be upgraded to WM 6.5 (the Snap can be upgraded as well.) I find my battery life to be much better on the Ozone as well.

    The only thing I really miss about my Q9 is the flash for the camera. Another small thing is that the Ozone and Snap don't have dedicated headphone jacks. HTC gives you a weird adapter so you can plug your headphones into the mini USB port on the bottom.

    Hope this helps!

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