moto Q9H Global Hack help

Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by thedizzel, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. thedizzel

    thedizzel New Member

    moto Q9H Global Hack help

    Does anyone know ha to remove Opera from the Q9H Global

  2. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    remove programs

    and if its not there then its probably in ROM and cant be removed
  3. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    have you checked the remove programs ? could be in ROM which in that case you can not remove it..
  4. thedizzel

    thedizzel New Member

    hey thanks, i did not know that feature was there, but alas Opera is not there. Is there a way to make IE the default browser?
  5. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    you might be able to edit the registry OR just use the IE shortcut to access the web
    search around here it might have been done
  6. nottoosmart

    nottoosmart New Member

    Im not used to seeing requests like this LOL. I come from the Wizard to the Q now and on XDA-Developers people are looking for ways to make Opera the default browser. Maybe ill merge the two worlds and be able to fix both requests. Im getting my Q today and im excited and cant wait.
  7. unsung

    unsung New Member

    go into opera/tools/settings/misc/ then uncheck "set opera as default browser"

    now IE will launch as the default browser :smile:
  8. the_bay_mafia

    the_bay_mafia New Member

    that doesn't work....the phone still overrides that and uses opera :frown::angry:
  9. unsung

    unsung New Member

    make sure your click "ok" when you do that in opera , it works for me, and that's the only thing i can think of that would still be causing it. the only way opera ever opens on my q9h is if i launch it myself.

    is your q branded to at&t? (mine is btw)
  10. the_bay_mafia

    the_bay_mafia New Member

    you are right that it does work if you are clicking links in messages or w/e but it doesnt work when you click the AT&T button....i think you have to re-map the button :embarassed:
  11. anyone1979

    anyone1979 New Member

    Change it in registry.
    If you are uncomfortable wit editting the registry, follow unsung's directions.
    That will unset Opera as your default.
  12. Silent Assassin

    Silent Assassin New Member

    Your prayer has been answered..

    Change the web browser button on the top left of the phone to launch Internet Explorer instead of Opera.
    1. Launch the registry application on your mobile device
    2. Go to HKEY_Current_User/Control Panel/Keybd
    3. Find the value APP3_Path
    4. Change the data from OperaLaunch.exe to iexplore.exe
  13. AlohaQuser

    AlohaQuser New Member

    To remap the Web button to open IE you will need to edit the registry:


    Change value: OperaLaunch.exe to ieplorer.exe

    It works!!

    If you want to set the defualt IE homepage:

    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\AboutURLs\home

    Change "home" to the website url you want as your homepage.
  14. alorotoM

    alorotoM New Member

    There's about 11 different registry values for "home". They all have some sort of hexadecimal value associated with them, such as:

    Name: home_0405 Data: http://device.home
    Name: home_0407 Data: http://device.home
    Name: home_0409 Data: http://device.home
    etc etc
    Surely you don't mean to change all eleven? :wacko:
  15. vitix

    vitix New Member


    do you know how do i put back the windows mobile 6.0? i put the 6.1 but i dint like it that much...
  16. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    you can only do it if you can find a wm6.0 rom for the Q9h
  17. vitix

    vitix New Member

    do you have any idea where can i find it?
  18. vitix

    vitix New Member

    re-install windows.

    hello, one question, how can i re-install windows to my q9h? i had a problem and i need to re-install it.. really need help with this...

    thank you

  19. sherri

    sherri Active Member

    I didn't know you could uninstall it! If you back up everything, a Master Reset or Master Clear will bring phone back to "out of box" state...
  20. vitix

    vitix New Member

    the prob

    i did an update to the wm6.1 and i'm in dominican republic and my phone is from at&t so i had to use a unlock code, i have it but is asking me for a network pin wich is different, so if i re-install the software or i put back the 6.0 i can unlock it

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