Moto Q Start Menu-Lower buttons labels not visible HELLLP!

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by lamonster99, May 6, 2010.

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    Moto Q Soft key labels-not visible HELLLP!

    I have a Q that i got two days ago. I noticed in the manual that it shows the start menu button and contact button visible at bottom of the home screen-above the left and right soft keys, indicating the function in whatever screen you are in. when I got mine they were not visible- at all. When I would hit the left soft key, it would go into the start menu screen and "start" would be visible at the top of the screen, but absolutely nothing at the bottom telling you what the left and right soft keys would do- in any screen or app. I was putting a screen cover on and somehow the lower soft key button "labels" became visible! I was so damn happy. I turned the phone off later and now they are gone. I have cricket and the phone seems to work great other than that. Drives me crazy not having the buttons labeled, i dont know what they do. What can i do?? I have read through several manuals and messed with settings and the home screen layout- i am clueles. Is this a problem with my phone or is it a setting?:dft002:zombie
    Thanks guys

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