Moto Q New User Guide and FAQ

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    Moto Q New User Guide and FAQ

    For many, the first few days of owning the Moto Q is filled with excitement and questions about their new smartphone. At Everything Q, our forums feature a wide range of topics related to the Moto Q and our Moto Q FAQs have also proven to be great resources. Up until now, the site lacked a comprehensive guide for new owners. The new Moto Q New User Guide was developed to provide new owners with a single resource that helps tackle topics most common to a new owner. In the Moto Q New User Guide you'll find all the information you need to get started. Topics include:
    • Using the Moto Q Phone Features
    • Maximizing The Battery Life
    • Adding a Bluetooth headset or device
    • Quick Access To Main Functions
    • How To Turn Off Screen
    • Flight Mode
    • Keyboard Lock
    • Moto Q and Mac Users
    • Free Software
    • Commercial Software
    • Customize Your Home Screen
    • Advanced Home Screens
    • Customizing Your Ringtones
    • Accessing the Web
    • Personal Email Setup for Providers with Automatic settings
    • Server Settings Table for Common POP3/IMAP Providers
    • Setting Up A Gmail Account On Your Moto Q
    • Online Resources
    • Official Motorola Resources
    This guide will provide you with a good foundation for learning more about your new Q. If you have specific questions, please try using the search feature at the top of the forums. In most cases, your question has probably been asked and answered.:wink: If not, please take the time to register (it's free and takes on only a minute or so) and post your question. To post a question or create a new topic, simply press the Create New Topic button at the top left of any forum category.

    I encourage you to take part in the community and officially welcome you to Everything Q.
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