Moto Q - Alltel, Prepaid.

Discussion in 'Alltel' started by RyuuKane, Jun 13, 2009.

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    Moto Q - Alltel, Prepaid.

    Hey everyone.. I recently broke my Rythm, Allte.
    So I got someone to sell me this moto Q for pretty cheap.
    I got the alltel prepaid, a dollar a day plan.. when I got around
    to switching the Q to my prepaid plan, i had -0.60 You know.
    Somehow, with the prepaid plan i get free text even after i have ran
    out of money. But i tried to get on the i-net over the Q with no money
    and it let me.. i mean i used the internet for like 3 days straight with
    no money on my phone but the Q also hides the data and you're balance
    will just decrease if you use the i-net when you got money on the phone.
    I put 10 dollars on my phone today and by the end of the day i had 0.00
    because I used the i-net all day. Even though i get i-net for free when my
    balance is -0 and I use the inet, and say if i went and put ten dollars on my phone and didn't use the i-net it wouldn't automatically zap it out of
    my balance would it?
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    Jul 20, 2008
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    The issue is that the phone uses "data minutes" during the day that count against your mins on your plan. If you're on the dollar a day plan, you don't have any mins & are charged .10/min for your data use. But if you have say, unlimited nights & weekends, you can surf the net all you want during those times & it will be free because it just uses your mins. I'm sure you may have figured that out by now, but in case you haven't or someone else needs the info, there it is. I used to have a MotoQ & a HTC touch on Alltel prepaid w/ .75/day plan. It was pretty sweet, you just have to remember to turn the data off during the day so as to not incur any charges...
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    Aug 30, 2009
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    Noob Sr Citizen question... sorry

    I am noob :dft006:unhappy to both this forum and to using a Q9C on Alltel. How do I turn off the data during the day? As far as I can see on my phone in settings, there are only options for turning bluetooth and phone on or off.

    I am on Alltel prepaid, and while I am new to a lot of today's technology, I have been learning a lot. I would appreciate any advice.

    Also, one other (probably dumb) question... It doesn't appear that there are keyboard shortcuts available on the Alltel Q9C for functions such as copying, pasting, etc. Am I correct?

    Is this available with WM6.1 (I have 6.0), and is it possible to get 6.1 on the Alltel Q9C? I haven't been able to find it as a download on either the Motorola, Microsoft or Alltel software download sites for Alltel.

    Thank you!

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