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    Deluxe Moon is a WP7 application that could help you learn more about the Moon, and track some amazing relationships between its phases and life on Earth.

    •Moon calendar with moon phases and zodiac signs.
    •Moon compass shows current moon azimuth as well as moonrise and moonset azimuths.
    •Phase scan tells you when the next phase will be.
    •Automatic positioning by GPS or cellular network.
    •Network independence: works anywhere without Internet or cellular connections.
    •Flexibility: you can manually set location, time, date and UTC offset.
    •Three animated Zodiac circles.
    •Sidereal and tropical zodiacs along with astronomical constellations.
    •Horoscope with aspects for business, personal life and health.
    •Moon day descriptons.
    •Void-Of-Course: when the Moon transits from one Zodiac sign to another.
    •Gardening by the phases of the moon information for each phase.
    •Percent of the illuminated moon area.
    •Moonrise and moonset, Zenith and Nadir times for your location.
    •Moon Timers: amount of time since moonrise and until moonset.
    •Current moon’s age: how far along the moon is in its full cycle.

    Deluxe Moon for WP7 is listed in top 100 in "News and Weather" category:

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    That's a really nice looking app!

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