Missing Sync keeps erasing my Q events

Discussion in 'Mac and Motorola Q' started by gvogt, Mar 3, 2007.

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    Missing Sync keeps erasing my Q events

    I'm beginning to think that Missing Sync for Q is worthless. Whenever I sync Ical calendar and tasks it is completely erasing all data from my Q. I then have to change my settings to Overide the Q and copy all tasks and calendar events onto my q. I have been having constant problems with Missing Sync ever since I got it, and this simply doesn't seem worth it. All the promises that were made that the Q could work with my Mac are false!

    The missing sync log doesn't say anything about why it is not copying the files to my Q when I sync. I'm not wasting time with Mising Sync customer service since they just don't respond. Does anyone know what my problem is?

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