Missing Sync and internet sharing

Discussion in 'Mac and Motorola Q' started by macuser, Nov 7, 2008.

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    Missing Sync and internet sharing

    I use Activesync on a Dell at the office to connect my Q to the internet and subsequently to sync my calendar with my Oracle calendar account.

    Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to duplicate that method using Missing Sync on my MacBook.

    I guess there are alternatives like downloading the oracle data to ical, etc., but my preference would be to duplicate the type of connection I do to sync calendar data via the Dell and Activesync at the office.

    Has anyone had any success doing this?

    Similiarly, I am able to run a browser or even an IM program on Q when it is USB cabled to the Dell; but not so when it is connected to the Mac. I believe the feature I am looking for would be correctly identified as internet connectivity.

    PS - the Q does not have its own data package.


    - Dave

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