micro sd rom flashing

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9h' started by blu3manic, Sep 30, 2009.

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    micro sd rom flashing

    so i been doing a lot of reading since i own a q9h global
    att branded that i want to upgrade to 6.1 from 6.0

    Because lately its been laggin a bit and i find that master clear and master reset usually fixes that


    i have some texts and mms that i dont really want to delete and i find there no point in erasing my phone whithout an upgrade

    but my usb port is non exsistent as i bought this q on ebay with a broken port figuring i could fix it but i dont have the tools to open it up and i lost the micro usb piece so is there any way to flash it in bootloader mode with the micro sd?

    also does anyone know which micro usb port at mouser.com would work on the american q9h so i could order it and send it to an electronics shop that could repair it as it would be nice to be able to tether my phone every once in a while. a product number or link to it would be nice.

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