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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rudeboy, Jan 17, 2008.


in which age group are you ?

  1. 20 or younger

    0 vote(s)
  2. 21 - 30

    11 vote(s)
  3. 31 - 40

    36 vote(s)
  4. 41 - 50

    20 vote(s)
  5. 51 - 60

    11 vote(s)
  6. 61 - 70

    5 vote(s)
  7. 71 or older

    2 vote(s)
  1. racinfast002

    racinfast002 New Member

    im 20........
  2. peppersghost

    peppersghost New Member

    Just turned 17, got the Q for my birthday.
  3. cheri

    cheri Active Member

    nice bday present..i gotta Q for my birthday last year. But i turned 41 lol

    I have kids ur age. One has an EnV the other a namesless old vzw phone she wont upgrade.
  4. j05h86

    j05h86 New Member

    My birthday present was my 8703e BB, till i broke the screen, then the Q came into my life.
  5. cheri

    cheri Active Member you like your Q?
  6. j05h86

    j05h86 New Member

    lol, of course Cheri :tounge:. Though when my contract runs up in june or so i'll be getting another BlackBerry. Main reason for this is because US Cellular still has the old Q (like mine). I really don't want to have two of the same phone, so i'll still have the Q as a back-up. Now if USCC gets a newer Q before june, then i'll get that instead of the newer BB. My choice is in the provider's hands i could say.
  7. CommunistDayKare

    CommunistDayKare New Member

    I'm 26 gonna be 27 in a few weeks.
  8. cheri

    cheri Active Member

    yeah its kinda fun to get something a bit different. im glad it works for u now.

    My new every two was in sept..i still havent changed. I dont know if a Qm would even be an upgrade.
  9. bobby-n

    bobby-n New Member

  10. cheri

    cheri Active Member

    darn young'uns lol

    if u guys have "Q" at this age makes me wonder what ur parents phones are
  11. My-Q

    My-Q New Member

    I'm 45. And, no! I am not a perv. LOL! I say that because I started playing HALO recently, and when asked how old I am, they all call me a perv. I am not!!
  12. cheri

    cheri Active Member

    Since I have a couple kids that are game savvy (not HALO) but I happen to know that they like calling people in our age bracket PERVS. It is HALO come on, its not like its some teen chat room or strawberry shortcake forum. LOL I would be more worried about the kid that says he is 14 but has a voice like that old man from from Family Guy...that wistles thu his teeth.

    I guess I need not remind anyone that I am going to be 42, but I did any way lol
  13. j05h86

    j05h86 New Member

    Which Halo? If you're on the 360 on live, we could battle lol
  14. sjcruiser36

    sjcruiser36 New Member

    36 over here.

    I'm in school most of the day with those who weren't even born when I was in high school. Night school is much better. I'm not the oldest, but probably up in the top 5! LOL
  15. sjcruiser36

    sjcruiser36 New Member

    I didn't get my Q for my birthday, but I got my Motorola S-9's for my birthday last year.
  16. cheri

    cheri Active Member

    the s-9 is pretty nice i have em too they were a gift to myself.
  17. peppersghost

    peppersghost New Member

    I used to play some Halo myself but I am 17. I have been playing a lot of EA Skate on the XBOX 360. i recommend that game to anyone that has an XBOX.
  18. My-Q

    My-Q New Member

    Sorry Dude. I have the PC versions of HALO 1 and 2. It would have been cool. But, hey, if you get the PC versions, I am MC Church on 1 and Rebel MC Church on 2.
  19. j05h86

    j05h86 New Member

    I don't have skate, but do have the newer Tony Hawk. You can add my gamertag, it's at the bottom of my posts. Same with anyone else on EQ that has an xbox 360 and is on live.
  20. My-Q

    My-Q New Member

    I thought that all HALO 2 players played the same game whether it was PC or 360. Ooppss. I'm still a noob.

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