Make Phone go Faster

Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by aznmsoong, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. aznmsoong

    aznmsoong New Member

    Make Phone go Faster

    Is there any way to do this?

    I already did the speed hack, from the Sticky
    Or are there even better settings
  2. run with it....:tounge:

    sorry couldn't resist..
    kill apps that are constantly running in the background?
  3. jason_d

    jason_d New Member

    I changed the 32768 to 65535, and notiched a little bit more speed... hope that helps :laugh2:
  4. beargibs

    beargibs New Member

    Do a search in the forums for "change speed to 314"

    Theres a very useful thread on here about hacking your reg. to make the processor run at full speed all the time. READ THE WHOLE THREAD THOUGH! There may be some downsides (batterylife) to this hack.
  5. 6MTUA5

    6MTUA5 New Member

    Since the battery life already sucks, I think I'll stay away from that one.
  6. aznmsoong

    aznmsoong New Member

    I will give that a try,
    I dont see any gain in running processor at max all the time
    As when apps demand more power, they will be granted it or use it
  7. pkpatel151

    pkpatel151 New Member

  8. beargibs

    beargibs New Member

    You would notice a marked improvement in speed overall

    By running the processor at full speed, EVERY screen and simply, even EVERY "click" on a program will result in a very noticable speed gain. The programs WILL run faster and with less drag, which is obvious, But the big difference is the "everday" task that improved I.E.; opening menus, switching from one screen to the next, writing text out in an email OR more importantly online in a forum! I have so much lag when I type in this forum, I often wait 15-20 seconds for the screen letters to match what i've already pressed on the keyboard! Try the "profile" hack (its the easiest to perform and revert back to the original registry values from) for a day, and you'll soon see how much lag was present before, especially when you go back to the original values. AND addressing what you said about "them getting the power they need, when they need it ,etc.,".....Well thats absolutely not true as any heavy Quser will tell you. Theres always lag on the Q that we would like to see "shrink" in length. A program may need a much higher processor speed, than motorola has deemed fit for it, especially in the case of downloaded third party software.
  9. aznmsoong

    aznmsoong New Member

    So I was reading about changing the threshold, does that still cause Activesync problems?
  10. BIGD

    BIGD New Member

    no it doesn't my old Q had no problems with that , now I got Q9C but on this phone I dont wanna change the threshold.

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