Make opera and IE full web browsers?

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    Make opera and IE full web browsers?

    I cannot take credit for this, all info came from IRREAL at XDA (Thanks)

    [HOW TO] Set IE useragent like IE8 desktop on Win7 (or IE7 based Win Vista)
    Finally after several attempts i managed to set the full web experience also on IE mobile version.
    After these small changes you can navigate in the same way as a traditional PC:full web experience on flash player(also Youtube\editor),macromedia active-x and i think applet java(?).
    Go to on the folder:
    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Int ernet Settings\5.0\User Agent
    and set the following keys:

    (Default) ->Mozilla/4.0
    Compatible ->compatible
    Desc ->Default(Windows CE)
    Platform ->Windows NT 6.1 [set to Windows NT 6.0 for OS Vista]
    UA-Language ->JavaScript
    Version ->MSIE 8.0 [set to MSIE 7.0b for InternetExplorer 7]
    Template ->Same as Windows 7

    See the key Templates for restore the original values if necessary.

    No softreset required,you just check the proper operation over
    -tips- For a better navigation in this mode is recommended temporarily disable htc sense (more ram).

    Tested on my HTC T5353 Stock rom WM6.5 build 21889

    [HOW TO]Set Opera useragent like IE8 desktop on Win7(or IE7 based Win Vista)
    Ok the same can be done on the Opera browser.
    For now only tested on stock version 9.7 Build 35627

    It goes this time to the key and change to:
    HKLM\Software\Opera\Prefs\User Prefs
    String value:
    Custom User-Agent ->Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1)

    Even here you can change the Platform/Version value for the switch Browser/OS system (see the first post).
    -tips- Please backup the entire folder if you need to go back Simply use any registry editor for this.

    For Opera 10 users,this string is written usually on opera.ini (ini file) localized in %InstallDir%\profile or simply you can access this information with the command without "http://"-> opera:config from the browser.

    Feedback appreciated!
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    These post is good to improve our knowledge in opera and IE full web browser. You can change the Platform/Version value for the switch Browser/OS system there are so many facilities with which you can use these web browser.

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