"Mage in Hat" new game for WP7

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    The Evil Sorcerer stole Great Spheres of the Elements and now magical world on the brink of death.
    Only Mage-In-Hat is able to return stolen magic and defeat the Evil Sorcerer. He will take a long and dangerous journey,
    kill five of Great Elementals and learn how to control an ancient spells.

    - unique gameplay built on the interaction between the five types of magic and teleportation
    - two game mods
    - 20 levels wich are associated with a fabulous story
    - 5 types of elemental magic
    - 5 types of enemies
    - 6 evil bosses who keep secrets of magic
    - beautiful graphics
    - wonderful music by Mattias Westlund

    Marketpace link: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/f461b93e-6dd4-4c28-a7ef-b0733da3cdaf

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