Mac Bluetooth Keyboard

Discussion in 'Mac and Motorola Q' started by Tomcatdoc, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Tomcatdoc

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    Mac Bluetooth Keyboard

    Anyone had any luck using the Apple Bluetooth keyboard? When I go through the BT Manager, it won't recognize the keyboard (even after I disconnect it from the desktop G4). What's curious is that if I go to BT Manager settings > Menu >Paired Devices > Menu > Add it locates the keyboard, but then requires a Pass Key, which obviously the keyboard can't cough up.
    Anyone else encounter this?
  2. brettgerke

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    Please clairify what you are doing..

    Are you trying to use a Mac blue tooth keyboard with a Mac? That works out-of-the-box. If you are trying to use a Mac blue tooth keyboard with your Q... good luck. I don't think Microsoft Mobile supports external or blue tooth keyboards. There aren't drivers for this as far as I know.
    PS I wouldn't try a blue tooth mouse either....
  3. jonathandayka

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    There Is a Way

    Dear Tomcatdoc.

    Don't you love when you ask a question, and people feel the need to respond - without being certain of anything at all, but to make you feel like you're stupid for asking, speculating on something they're obviously only drawing conjecture about, and essentially just enjoying looking at their text on the net?

    There is a way to do this. I haven't gotten it totally worked-out on my phone, but I know it's possible on Windows Mobile devices. I have been able to pair, and keyboard services have displayed, but I am missing something that's likely very simple. The process has been described on Fortel ["Fortel" is a hyperlink there.]

    This is the kind of constructive stuff that people ought to post here. Let me know if you get it entirely worked-out. And in the mean time, everyone else, remember what your mothers told you - if you don't have something constructive or certain to add, just keep it to your freakin' self.

    Good things.
    . Jonathan .
  4. n99hockey

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    so you havent gotten it to work yet either?
    and yet on your first post here at EQ you decide to insult another member?

    next time follow your own advice...if you dont have anything nice to say keep it to your freakin self:wink:
  5. PacoJr67

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    especially on a post that's almost 2 years old...
    Most of us try to be helpful, but there are questions that the answer to may not be known. Perhaps the issue is/was that it is a mac keyboard
  6. jonathandayka

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    To n99hockey.

    I was reporting progress and experience, not just speculating. I hadn't worked-out all the kinks, but I was close and in looking for the answer to the remainder of my connectivity problems, came across these posts.

    To PacoJr67.

    Very good point about the time since the post; it's absolutely possible that it was not possible then and is now. However, that doesn't change the fact that the original reply was based on no experience with the issue at hand, whatsoever.

    And to all of you.

    I am writing this post from an Apple bluetooth keyboard paired to my Q9h (and wouldn't have responded in the first place if I wasn't using an appropriately similar hardware configuation.) I've got all the connectivity kinks worked-out and can turn either device on-and-off and reconnect with no problem.

    If anyone else is experiencing these problems, the issue for me seemed to be a need to clear the phone's memory, by restarting the phone between pairing and adding the keyboard in the keyboard-specific setup screen in the latest Q ROM, of Windows Mobile 6.1.

    Good things.
    . Jonathan .
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