Leaked photos of Nokia Ace

Discussion in 'Nokia Lumia 900' started by chris, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. chris

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    Looks like the Lumia 800.
  2. n99hockey

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  3. judelaw99

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    front camera i show,nokia 900 ace show in CES 2012
  4. RandomAlec

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  5. TheDFO

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    Sigh. Why does Samsung have to be so bad at hardware design? I mean, my Focus (which, despite being well over a year old holds up just fine to these new phones) just looks so...generic.

    But this at least LOOKS different, especially if you get one of the colored polycarb shells.

    That said, the sammy SAMOLED is just so good.
  6. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Samsung is all about their display technology. Lucky for them, that's a big part of any smartphone. I'm not sure who Nokia sources for their display.
  7. RandomAlec

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    The Lumia 900 does have a SAMOLED Plus screen which is on par with the latest Samsung devices, if not better (in my opinion).
  8. TheDFO

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    Really? I had heard it had an AMOLED, but I figured that meant it had a different manufacturer. Swet.
  9. RandomAlec

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    According to Nokia, although they didn't say exactly what technology it has, the Lumia 900 does have 12 sub-pixels. Click here for some more information on the article I wrote about it.
  10. cbhattarai

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    I have got Vodaphone and feel that tehy are really better one as compare to At&T
  11. Salmonon

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    Looking great. Is this a concept or are they going to release this?
  12. df415d

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    That looks so great.

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