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Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by Ballzo, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. cornelious2

    cornelious2 New Member

    Nice, I usually top out around 700-900 using pie when I have signal that is, here in downtown Chicago my signal bounces more, then the trampoline girls on the man show.
  2. cwjohns22

    cwjohns22 New Member

    Great info, but I apparently need outside help as well. No matter where I look I can't find anywhere that will let me save the changes to my registry. I'm using Mobile Registry Editor and can find the keys that I need to change, but anything I try to change comes back and tells me access is denied.

    I've also tried Smart Tweakers demo and get the application locked error, I'm betting they are tied together, but I can't find anywhere how to unlock it.

    I've got a Moto Q from Sprint.

    Any suggestions?
  3. yugnat

    yugnat New Member

    Good news and bad news now... got 1342kb down on a recent test but my registry has been dropping the DNS hack entries and I've had to re-enter them 3 times now in two days...
  4. 08unlmtdx

    08unlmtdx New Member

    I'm with alltel and my default values are:

    Should I try this hack or is it gonna screw somethin up?
  5. dkeichner

    dkeichner New Member

    Where do you find SetOpenDns?
  6. BIGD

    BIGD New Member

    My Q apps page
  7. primer

    primer New Member

    weird... i set the dns values to the 208.67. ones on my sprint q9c, they stick, but i only get 50kbps on speed tests. reset to default ones and i get around 150kbps. north dallas with evdo coverage. any ideas? :frown:
  8. Tillind

    Tillind New Member

    Great Hack!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a great hack and made my browser BLAZE (comparatively). THANKS!!!

  9. aceitalia83

    aceitalia83 New Member

    how do i test my speed ? i use pie
  10. cornelious2

    cornelious2 New Member

  11. Arrogant125

    Arrogant125 New Member

    moto Q/ blackjack 1

    i went to go and do the speed hack for my buddy on his blackjack 1 and his value data was already set to 0. i wonder why at&t/cingular has theres set up like that from the factory and sprint Q dosent i was kinda shocked..
  12. Tristan944

    Tristan944 New Member

    I think someone needs to Summarize all of the infomation that has been posted. Some questions I still have are:
    1. Will changing the numbers increase my speed? (I have Sprint Q9c in Orange County (Near Los Angeles)
    2 If I leave Southern California and go to Utah for example, will the speed still be faster than normal or will it not work all together?
    3. Does this help 1x and EVDO?
    4 Will the new changes stick?
    5. If it messes something up on my phone, can I change it back to normal?
    6. What are the best numbers to use for Orange County (Or Los Angeles) and other areas?

    If someone can answer these questions and post additional information that I may not have asked about, that would be awesome!
  13. rainmakerrc

    rainmakerrc New Member

    1. Your web-browsing speed;
    2. The servers are not location specific, AFAIK;
    3. The hack is not dependent on 1x or EVDO service;
    4. For some they do, and for some they don't - if they don't then you have to redo the settings after every reset. Go over to the Q9c Hacks thread (it's stickied in the Q9c Forum) for the SetOpenDNS program, which you can just execute to make the registry changes (instead of manually doing them);
    5. Yes - either the settings will revert after a reset, or if yours happen to stick, then just manually change them back to the original settings (you should write those down);
    6. see no. 2 above.
  14. aceitalia83

    aceitalia83 New Member

    thanks for the im doin a whopping 416 kb/sec
  15. aceitalia83

    aceitalia83 New Member

    thats without the speed hack is that normal?
  16. Tristan944

    Tristan944 New Member

    Thanks for the summary, I really appreciate it. Im having problems on my Sprint Q9c. When I go to HKEY\Comm\Cellular Line\Parms\TcpIp\DNS it shows me this information:
    --DefaultGateway 70.1.115.XXX (X's in case Im not supposed to show it)
    --IpAddress (exact same as above)
    --DNS 68.28.50.XX (X's in case Im not supposed to show it)
    My question is, everyone else on here seems to have 2 sets of numbers in the DNS area, while mine only has the 1 set of numbers as shown above. Do I only need to change the 1 set of DNS numbers to a new set of 1 DNS numbers? Thanks.
  17. gasnyder

    gasnyder New Member

    Anybody get opendns to work on 9QH?

    The 9QH doesn't appear to have the registry settings required for this hack. I changed the DNS settings in the GPRS settings in Settings->Connections->GPRS. However, whenever I connect to the site, it says it appears that I'm not using Open DNS and that it looks like my request came from a proxy.

    I've searched these forums and the web in general and I couldn't find any 9QH specific info on using OpenDns.

    My carrier is AT&T.

    Has anybody got OpenDNS working on their 9QH?

  18. XT0VERUS

    XT0VERUS New Member

    So I just got my Moto Q and the first thing after I get a FW and AV on it was download and run openDNS.exe and it worked just fine. It didn't stick but there is an easy fix to this for those who dislike running the .exe every boot or don't wish to boot because the have to run the .exe. It's simple drag openDNS.exe into /Windows/Start Up directory and there you go, no more having to run every boot.
  19. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    and welcome aboard..
  20. djtommye

    djtommye New Member

    Does the Q support .reg files? I wonder if there is a way to store the settings then auto-run when the phone boots, to update the registry automatically? Just a thought...

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