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Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by Ballzo, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. djlactose

    djlactose New Member

    It sounds to me like they are using MAC addressing to identify their network nodes. Most likely to stop you from messing with their network config :tounge: You should be able to change the reg key by deleting the DNS that is there and replacing it with your new one but this can be dnagerous and should not be attempted unless you are prepared to do a master reset to fix a problem with the OS.
  2. alan2013

    alan2013 Member

    I switched to a BB 8830, absolutely love it. Downloaded Opera mini, greeeat browser. I consistently get between 1050 kb/s - 1190 kb/s on the dslreports mspeed test. I used to have a q, with slow 450kb/s times (if i was lucky) with this hack added. I must say, opera mini def made the diff. Try this out with opera mini and see how it works.
  3. max90034

    max90034 New Member

    I got this hack running (changed manually) on Moto 9qm and it stays since yesterday. I believe new websites are opened faster now.

    After reading all these pages about how this hack affects download speed, can somebody explain me why should we expect download speed increase with this hack? This is just DNS, so faster DNS servers can only accelerate what this service does - name resolving. As soon as one is connected to the website, DNS should not do anything to accelerate or slow down the connection. So, all these sites that test speed by downloading files should not show any difference. Personally I see nice increase in how fast new sites are opened so Internet browsing is more pleasant now but I don't see (and don't expect) any difference in download speed.
  4. Bogie12

    Bogie12 New Member

    Totally Lost...HELP!

    i'm tryin to speed up my internet connection on my Q...can someone give me a step by step on how this is done? i need babysteps b/c i'm not exactly the Q expert just yet..
  5. BIGD

    BIGD New Member

    Edit this registry key: HKEY_local_machine\Comm\Cellular Line\Parms\TcpIp\DNS

    Default values are:
    Change them to:
  6. srubin

    srubin New Member

    How do I made it worek with the Q9m from verizon?
  7. knownchild

    knownchild New Member


    yes this does work with us cellular my q went from 53kb/s to 680kb/s
  8. synistah

    synistah New Member

    you are so wong sir, so very very wrong. when i first started reading this thread i didnt know this was a hack for the verizon q. i did the 4 to 50 hack first, then the 222 220 hack and it works like a dream. my only question is if im in washington dc are there another set of values that i should be using for something closer to home?
  9. 86mcss

    86mcss New Member

    this didnt work to well for me...

    i was at 550kb (average) and went to 440(average)

    ...and thats several test, not a single one.
  10. BIGD

    BIGD New Member

    as i described on my post
  11. Heckler

    Heckler New Member

    is there anyway to do this on a sprint q that only lists mac addresses under the DNS entry? I have seen a couple other sprint Q users saying the same thing. has anyone figured this out? I would really like to try this but I cant edit the ip's in the DNS entry because they aren't ip's! mine is a week old sprint Q, tried to update it but it said its up to date ...

    please help I would like to try this :(
  12. norkoastal

    norkoastal New Member

    Any way to have the DNS entry auto input into the Registry prior to the java browser being launched? That would ensure every session with the fast DNS..

    Could Phone Alerm be triggered to launch a program to input this entry?

    Fishin away over here.. :whistling
  13. BIGD

    BIGD New Member

    no , the only way is to run SetOpenDns prior going lauching the browser
  14. cornelious2

    cornelious2 New Member

    Opera mini doesn't give accurate speed results because it first downloads to their servers then sends the data to you. What you are seeing is the first set of downloading (dslreports -> Opera's server with the second half not being factored into the speed Opera's server -> your phone.) With the q and opera mini I constantly show 1.6 meg (yes meg) on the speed reports but when I switch to PIE its showing as 700 max. Although after trying this hack my speed actually dropped to 150 with PIE. I only have 2 bars right now though so I will check somewhere were I have full bars.
  15. MeTaLMaNN1983

    MeTaLMaNN1983 New Member

    WOW!!! this is very fast. I recently got that hacks to watch youtube videos and they were a drag to watch play a sec load 10 secs on and on. Thanks for the education man.
  16. 08unlmtdx

    08unlmtdx New Member

    I'm with alltel and my default values are:

    Should I try this hack or is it gonna screw somethin up?
  17. ShootDawg

    ShootDawg New Member

    for the folks that are seeing a "mac" address...could it simply be the ip address stored as hexidecimal, instead of dotted decimal...

    so, open calculator on windows, change view to scientific.. enter the first number of the dns server ip address, change to HEX...record the hex characters... ditto for the second, third, and fourth, skipping the 00s.
    D0 00 43 00 DE 00 DE 00
    D0 00 43 00 DC 00 DC 00

    I have made the changes to my verizon q9m.
    I also added a dword entry, called AutoCfg, vaule of 0.
    I have two Cellular Lines in my registry, so I modified both.

    I did this prior to opening IE. Opened IE, ran speed test, 715kbs to 775kbs average.
    killed IE with task manager.. repeated...same speed.. checked registry settings, dns still has modified settings...
    turned off phone... turned back on...settings are still there...ran ie, still at 700+kbs... killed ie, settings are still there after starting IE again...

    just applied the hack.. will report back in a couple days to see if the settings continue to stick..
  18. yugnat

    yugnat New Member

    Ran the DNS hack and went to DSLreports, got 1210kb/sec with .137 latency... ran a 1mb file....
  19. cornelious2

    cornelious2 New Member

    Was that using PIE or OPERA mini? because Opera, as I mentioned earlier does not calculate the actual speed to the phone.
  20. yugnat

    yugnat New Member

    PIE just as it originally came with the phone.

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