Latest Speed Hack: Make Your Web Browsing Fly!!

Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by Ballzo, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Ballzo

    Ballzo New Member

    Latest Speed Hack: Make Your Web Browsing Fly!!

    OK kids, for those of you who haven't seen this yet, I direct your attention over to for the latest trick to make your Q fly!!
    Essentially this involves a minor Registry edit, changing your Q's default Verizon servers to OpenDNS servers.
    The procedure is described here:

    Further info:

    The Registry edit is simple and takes seconds. I haven't had a chance to run before and after benchmarks tests, but perceptually it makes web browsing much, much faster.. Your mileage may vary, however..

    The only downside I've experienced is that the Registry changes don't stick.. Which is to say that if I shut off my phone, the DNS entries revert to the default entries. Some people get this to stick, others don't.. But again, no big deal.. I turn my phone on in the AM, open my Registry Editor, change the 2 DNS entries and i'm good to go again.. Very simple..

    Check it out.. Great fun!!

  2. tharmsen

    tharmsen New Member

    Good find! It's a HUGE performance increase!

    Here are the name servers I used:

    Edit this registry key: HKEY\Comm\Cellular Line\Parms\TcpIp\DNS

    Default values are:
    Change them to:
    Blazing improvement!
  3. Akakios

    Akakios New Member

    Newb question here. Ummm, how do I get to the registry to edit it? I've searched but just can't find that pot of gold.
  4. Akakios

    Akakios New Member

    Never mind! I found the registry editor. I'm going in!
    I'm getting the Access Denied notice... any help? Did I download the wrong editor? I got the mobile registry editor.
    Thanks in advance
    Akakios :thumbup:
  5. Pagan1530

    Pagan1530 New Member

    Is this on the phone itself? Or do I do it with the sync program?
  6. tharmsen

    tharmsen New Member

    You guys need to read the Wiki page I made on Hacks. You can view it by clicking HERE.
  7. q-rocks

    q-rocks New Member

    I tried this last night, but when I visit the I get the "oops" screen, which indicates I am not using the DNS servers. I tried it multiple times, restarted the phone, re-entered the DNSs (cause they revert on restart), left in the hard returns, still nothing.

    What am I doing wrong?

    EDIT: OK Never mind!!!!!! It just worked. Now if I could only get the settings to stick......
  8. tharmsen

    tharmsen New Member

    Yeah, that is strange... if you reboot the phone the settings revert to their factory settings. I wonder if there is some other registry setting that needs to be changed.
  9. tharmsen

    tharmsen New Member

    Humm, strange... My setting are now sticking. I've rebooted the phone 3 times and my DNS changes haven't reverted back to default. I didn't do anything to make them stick... They didn't stick for the first couple of reboots.

    I suspect they'll reset to default at some point down the road when I least expect it. :)
  10. austin

    austin New Member

    Has anybody else gotten their server settings to stick???

    Mine reverts back when I haven't even re-booted...

  11. ChiangRai

    ChiangRai New Member

    wow... OUTSTANDING IMPROVEMENT! thanks buds ;)
  12. brandon1

    brandon1 New Member

    my phone won't let me edit these values. It just resets the values after you click done. Maybe this is another Telus thing...they couldn't even release an update for us in Canada the best of my knowledge only Americans on Verizon can get it. :p
  13. Ballzo

    Ballzo New Member

    Someone has posted a small executable that automates the process of changing the DNS entries.

    You can find it here:

    In order to install it, however, you may need to install first, the Microsoft. Net 2.0 Framework, which you may find here

    The install is very easy to do.

    The OpenDNS executable works on my phone, but all it does is automate changing the DNS entries. On my phone at least, the Open DNS server changes DO NOT stick.

    The deal is you install the SetOpen DNS program. It changes the DNS entries on your phone. You must run the executable EVERYTIME. This is NOT, however, a “set it and forget it” program. I run the program from File Manager or Explorer 2003, if you have that program. It’s just an executable. It automatically changes your DNS entries. If for whatever reason your DNS entries revert to the default Verizon settings on your phone, you must run the program again.

    I think the DHCP is renewed periodically, thus the changes don’t stick but I’m not sure.

    It’s kind of a hassle doing all this, however the speed increases in your web browsing, IMHO, are worth the effort..

  14. Furgus

    Furgus New Member

    Trying to get this too work, but I am not sure how to edit the registry. I have the editor listed in the WIKI installed, but I can not find the registry itself. Can someone help me? I have never done a hack, so I am new at this.

  15. BriCo84

    BriCo84 New Member

    has anyone else tried the executable yet? I am curious to hear if it has worked without problem for anyone else
  16. Furgus

    Furgus New Member

    I finally figured it out. Very cool, now if only I can get it to stick :)
  17. Furgus

    Furgus New Member

    Dang, spoke to soon. MIne will not keep at all. Everytime I open IE it reverts back, but it seems to be faster for a little while. Any ideas?
  18. ebelp

    ebelp New Member

    I'm assuming only people in the EVDO network will see these speed increases..?
  19. syoung02

    syoung02 New Member

    Does anyone know if changing the DNS for speeding up the internet will interfere with the Verizon Wireless Sync?

    I tried the .exe off my miniSD card, but it wouldn't run - said it wasn't digitally signed...

    And last, how do you upload files to the Q once you intialize the Verizon Wireless Sync? It shuts down ActiveSync so no data passes back and forth - can't load the .net upgrade or install the OpenDNS executeable.

  20. mikemcq

    mikemcq New Member

    Internet Speed

    Anyone figured out how to make this stick with Verizon yet???? Thanks in advanced.

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