Karnage: Dawn of Upheaval - an old-school tactical fantasy RPG!

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    “Karnage: Dawn of Upheaval” is a hardcore, old school, 2D top down/isometric, tactical fantasy game for mobile devices forged in the image of the classic RPGs of the last century. Take the reins of four adventurers as they struggle through a world being torn apart by cataclysmic events and then finally emerge into a new reality shaped by the choices they make throughout the adventure.

    Execute your own strategies to secure victory. Take the lead and guide your party through a complex tactical turn-based combat system that lets you decide where, when, and how to face your demons.

    Fight, live and evolve. Equip your heroes with weapons, armor, and magic, then delve into a deep character development system that lets you select perks and powers to augment your party to suit how you want to play.

    Live through the end times. You will start just before an imminent cataclysm, and then come face to face with the old powers tearing the world asunder. Finally, the aftermath will see you emerge into a new reality based entirely on the choices you have made.

    • Actions have Consequences.
    • Choices Matter.
    • What kind of world will your choices create?

    Kickstarter campaign: kickstarter.com/projects/re-roll/karnage-dawn-of-upheaval
    Website: re-roll.com

    Gameplay video:

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