Is Verizon Getting Owned?

Discussion in 'Verizon Wireless' started by Bullroarer Took, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Which ones you want?
    I want the whistling song on the lg dare, its the only one I can't get, or are you talking music ringtones?
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    Verizon charges a lot for their music, when you can get most of the songs elsewhere for less (or nothing).

    VZ app zone is on Scotts's app page. If you have a data plan, it is free to download. Costs per song, though...
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    I wish Verizon would offer their Vcast service to the Q9C...(which they already offer to the Q9m) and the fact they haven't ported it over just baffles the mind.

    I miss things like SongID, and the Vcast movie service.

    I think the truth is that Verizon doesn't give a crap about non-blackberry smartphone users. I asked a rep friend of mine when Windows Mobile would get Verizon's software and he had no idea.
  7. Tech.erella

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    Oh I miss SongID sooooo much! Does anyone know if there's anything like that for the Q?
  8. bmar29

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    The only way is to get a hacked version of MusicID. and no ones going to post that here
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    Has anybody confirmed that it can't be shared?
    I've seen this and other versions in a lot of places being shared freely on sites that have strict anti-warez policies.
  10. sherri

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    I know there was another carriers version posted here a while ago, but it was removed. Most carriers charge for the song ID, and posting a .cab for it "gets around it". For example, if the Verizon version was posted, and an AT&T user downloaded and used it, they would be using it for free...Not allowed here...
  11. fr4nk1yn

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    OK I just did a bunch of looking.

    There's a few "MusicID" programs OR they're all the same MusicID program.
    I can't tell. The shared version is labeled "GravityMobile" but it's also labeled "Shazam".
    GravityMobile is some how affiliated with AT&T/Cingular.
    Shazam seems to be it's own deal in the UK(?). Then there's GraceNote and MusicPhone.

    And there's still the question of why it even works. Apparently the hack was to remove the original posters UID from the program and that's it.
    And why aren't AT&T/Shazam/GraceNote/GravityMobile shutting down the sharing of it. They have to be aware of it at this point.

    But they do all seem to mention a subscription in the About.

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