Is there anyway to tell whether or not a text has been read?

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by CompleteBreakfst, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. CompleteBreakfst

    CompleteBreakfst New Member

    Is there anyway to tell whether or not a text has been read?

    It'd be nice to know whether or not the Q offers a "unread/read" feature for texts. If there is, it sure isn't obvious. And yes, I realize that you can receive an alert when the text has been sent to the outgoing party's device.
  2. Snarf

    Snarf New Member

    its easy go to your text messages and change the folder to the sent messages and if the envelope is open its been read.... I think it may only work for certain phone companies though cause nextel takes forever to get a message I send, but it definately works with verizon and cingular
  3. q-rocks

    q-rocks New Member

    Well I just tested this and the Sent folder just always shows the envelope open. I was a bit suspicious anyway cause there is no interaction with anything (server of any sort) when you open a text message that is sent to you.

    I don't think SMS supports this, I could easily be wrong....
  4. tharmsen

    tharmsen New Member

    All you get through the SMS system is delivery notification. You can't tell if someone actually read the message or not. You can tell if it was delivered to their phone though, which is almost as good.

    If you're texting an ex-girlfriend and wondering why she isn't responding, she's probably just deleting them as they come in. :laugh:
  5. CompleteBreakfst

    CompleteBreakfst New Member

    Haha.. oh no, not an ex-girlfriend. I suppose that would make me a lesbian, wouldn't it?:happy: It's just sometimes helpful to know when someone has read a text in case it takes them forever to respond. I have a number of friends with T-Mobile (ha) who hardly ever have service. Thankfully my boyfriend has Verizon! IN text messaging is so helpful.

    And yes, I've noticed that the envelope is always shown as open, which is of no help to my need. Oh well! Thanks anyway everyone!
  6. tharmsen

    tharmsen New Member

    Oh well, I had a 50/50 chance of getting your gender right. That's why I never gamble in Vegas. :whistling

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