Is anyone using Hosted Exchange from SherWeb?

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9c' started by ScottQ9c, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. ScottQ9c

    ScottQ9c New Member

    Thanks, Marax. Much appreciated.
  2. ScottQ9c

    ScottQ9c New Member

    Well, I tried it. It was an UNMITIGATED DISASTER. The first thing it did was resurrect ALL of my old reminders in Outlook. At one point I had something like 7,000 reminders open on my desktop. Next, it created multiple entries for each appointment. The worst were recurring all-day appointments which were repeated at least three times each and stretched out over two days (presumably because they went from 12:00 am to 12:00 am). One birthday was repeated 8 times.

    The next problem was trying to uninstall it. Let me put it this way -- it didn't uninstall cleanly, and I spent a lot of time manually cleaning my registry.

    The only saving grace was that I had back-ups of my Outlook.pst file and a Sprite back-up of my Q9c. No permanent harm was done either to my desktop file or to the Q9c.

    If anyone in the future reads this, let me be clear -- DO NOT USE MAILXCHANGE BY 1 AND 1. YOU'LL BE SORRY.

    I'll be signing up for a hosted exchange server next weekend.
  3. taras

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    PlexHosted offers Hosted Exchange discount. Exchange 2010 25Gb + Free ActiveSync + Free 100 Mb SharePoint just at $6.95!
  4. marklynn687

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    My friend bought 5 GB space in 13$/month for hosted exchange. Do you think it is right cost or he can get cheaper solutions? He is looking for 99% uptime with affordable price.
  5. DCherry

    DCherry New Member

    Like other people said on this forum, go with Sherweb. It's 7.95$/month, 99,9% uptime. It's a leader in Hosted Exchange, not a rookie business. I said a year ago that I'll give them a try for at least 30 days with one or two accounts, but after 15 days I have transferred the entire company (75 users).

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