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Discussion in 'Q Home Screens and Wallpapers' started by Benson, Jan 10, 2007.

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    Sure, no problem. Have at it. I'm working on another version which makes an attempt at using the icons as they were intended. We'll see if I can pull it off.
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    Awesome IPhone Homescreen. Have tried getting the buttons on the right actually launch the applications. I noticed another guys homescreen had application links on the desktop and they worked. Wonder if that logic can be incorporated. Great Stuff man.
  7. kenlpeters

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    I found two things that may work for those of you who want to tackle making the right icons work.

    RJ Schortcut Plug


    And then the Orange.dll that allows you have multiple plugins on a row.

    Good Luck
  8. qwho

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    RJ shortcut is a pain. I got some icons working on a homescreen I made a while back, but they didn't have the right size selection boxes around them. For some reason, it gets goofed up by third party icons and uses the wrong size for them. If someone can figure out how to correctly use home made icons with RJ shortcut, we could definately do this. Otherwise it would be pretty ugly.

    To see my xp desktop theme using RJ shortcut, click here

    Each of the icons is actually a row of icons with one icon per row. You could have up to 10 in an 'mru' style per row. They are permanent as well so it would work. If you follow the instructions i provided and install xp desktop, you'll see how if you move down and select each icon it is weird.
  9. qwho

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    Because of possible legal issues I have taken this home screen down.
  10. kenlpeters

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    Awesome job. What did you use to create the Icons? I think tons I would like to add.
  11. qwho

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    Print screen of the apple iphone website, photoshop each to be 32x32 (which is the largest RJshortcut will allow) and then paste them into the visual studio.net icon editor...hurray:tounge:
  12. Big_D_Mizo

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    Chris I have downloaded the file on my computer, but can not get it into my Q. Could you please help me. I also have some wallpaper to put on it, but don't know how. Please help.

  13. 3heilo

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    lol, the q keeps getting better and better
    thanks for the iphone a few months early ;)
  14. Big_D_Mizo

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    Could you please tell me how to get the downloads from my computer to my phone. I downloaded some wall papers, and dont know how to get them on my phone.
  15. 3heilo

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    go into explore in you active sync
    My Mobile Device/ApplicationData/Home
    paste the .jpeg and the .xml files in there
    then change your home screen theme to the theme u downloaded
    have color scheme and background layout set to default
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  17. shredder

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    hey i noticed the download link was removed off that page, anywhere else we can get ahold of this awesome looking theme??
  18. darrink1

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    This is my current home screen:
    all the buttons are active:


    IE, Email/SMS, Contacts, Virtual Earth Mobile (free), Dash weather (free), File Manager.
    Taskmgr, Photos/Video, WMP, TCPMP .81 (free), Nintendo Emu

    you need facade, 4orangeh.dll installed to make it work

    I made a few of the button icons myself, thats why some look ugly.
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    I have the Iphone ringer that was used at the keynote if anyone wants it. I don't know how to post it on here though, I only know how to post pics.
  20. qwho

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    search for free file hosting on google. find a place where you don't have to register to upload... they should give you a download link when all is said and done.

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