International calling with your Saga (or Q9n)

Discussion in 'Samsung Saga' started by larsdennert, Mar 17, 2009.

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    International calling with your Saga (or Q9n)

    I'm big on threads today. Did some long talking with vzw on international dialing today. It really hasn't changed from other phones. The difference is that the phone works in more places.

    I have used my Q in foreign countries that offer CDMA. All you have to do is have vzw add International Dialing to your account. This feature is free though you can get an international value plan for a few bucks a month too. This feature allows you to call foreign countries with your phone. It also allows you to make calls from foreign countries. You can check the vzw site for rates in different countries. Count on $1-2/min. Cheaper than a Sat phone though. You also need to know the exit code to dial back to the US from a foreign country such as 011 or 001.

    When you are in a GSM country, you just switch modes on the phone and make calls. With the vzw SIM card your tel number stays the same.

    Data is as follows buy a plan for $69 per month or pay per kb. $.02/kb ($20/MB) everywhere but Canada and Mexico where it's cheaper.

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