Instant Messaging Data Usage??

Discussion in 'Verizon Wireless' started by Five-o, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Five-o

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    Instant Messaging Data Usage??

    Hi! I just recieved my Q9m yesturday. I am paying per kb for now because I don't plan to be using the internet much if not at all. Although, i'd like to use IM when I am on the road. How many IM's can i send per MB? From what I understand they charge you $15 a MB. Also, the spectec miniSD wifi cards work with the Q9m correct? If i used one of those would i be able to IM over wifi?

    Thanks for everyone's help!!

    Also, what would be the best free program to use with AIM.

  2. rudeboy

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    welcome aboard..

    IM's use data.. not that much though. we have a IM app thread... just search.
  3. K.AuthoR

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    I was actually wondering something about this as well - I have unlimited data on my plan and I was considering getting IM+. Does that add any extra fees to my bill, or is it just sent like regular data through the phone? I'd prefer to not have any random fees show up :p
  4. Rcnathan

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    As RudeBoy said, do a search. But since I'm typing no it will not use any other data fee's if you have a Program like Octro Talk, or IM+, Palringo, or others. Just search and ye will find.
  5. My-Q

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    According to VZW, you can send and receive txt and pix as long as you have a message plan. There is no additional data charge. However, if you block data, you can only send and receive txt but not pix.

    Unless, something has changed, and VZW loves to do that, this is current. Call VZW for the latest.

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