Infinity Lands New Server Opening Events

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    To celebrate the opening of new server, EVERY PLAYER will be rewarded with extra 10% gems when you purchase gem the first time during this event.
    For example, the first time you pay $100 on gems, you will receive 1600 + 160 = 1760 gems in all.
    Please notice that:
    1. The charge bonus is only effective on your first payment.
    2. The event is only effective from GMT 00:00:00 Feb-6-2013 to GMT 24:00:00 Feb-28-2013.
    3. The bonus gems will be sent in 5 working days when the event is over.

    New Lords GiftsWelcome to our new world! The land is both fertile and dangerous. To help you settle in, we have prepared some gifts for you which you can claim on certain levels.
    1. If you reach at least level 20 on 8am GMT, Feb-28-2013, you will have a 100 Gems to help you develop further.
    2. If you reach at least level 30 on 8am GMT, Feb-28-2013, you will have a 300 Gems to make you even stronger.
    Please note one player can only claim one reward, and the reward cannot be calculated accumulatively.
    The rewards are sent in twice in three days after the event ends.

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