IMEI number

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    IMEI number

    hi, greetings from indonesia
    i've got saga as a gift. CDMA part of the phone works perfert (albeit i can't use EvDO because it's locked to verizon), but i can not use the GSM part because it's locked. offered unlocking service using 15 digit numbers IMEI, and they asked me for it by typing *#06# (the usual routine for gsm phones).
    but strangely, saga only returned 14 digits.
    my question is, how can i get the 15 digits IMEI from saga? the UPC section of the box is missing because the original owner cut it for rebate.

    thanks a lot!
  2. nganto

    nganto New Member

    found it by calculating Luhn check

    actually i was able to calculate the last digit using Luhn formula, based on the 14 digits IMEI.

    thanks all, case closed.
  3. BoostedKnight

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    Just as an fyi, there should also be a spot on the back of the phone under the battery that lists the imei number. Never lookes at the saga though.

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