If not for AT&T, then who will carry Omnia 7?

Discussion in 'Samsung Omnia 7' started by chris, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    If not for AT&T, then who will carry Omnia 7?

    Maybe T-Mobile or maybe it's international only.
  2. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    Isn't the UK supposed to be getting some of these?
  3. sulster

    sulster Active Member

    You think Verizon will pick up the Omnia?
  4. Hologram

    Hologram New Member

    This phone is so beautiful!!! Shame it did not get released with the first bunch of US WP7 phones here in the States.
  5. Redux7

    Redux7 Member

    uhm....what a shame...well I dont have that problem it will remain an international phone. IMO
    BTW the Samsung Focus is a Hot Seller in Singapore.
    Countdown till i get my hand on the Omnia 7 D-day -16
    HD7 already available in BKK but i'll wait for the O7

    Acutally Verizon might be a Hot option...
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  6. Hologram

    Hologram New Member

    Read that the omnia 7 cdma version is coming out soon, so possibly we will finally see this on verizon or ( i hope not ) sprint.
  7. Sam Bramley

    Sam Bramley New Member

    Omnia 7 is a pretty flawed phone, it loses reception when you hold it, the headset speaker is painfully quiet even on max volume, the wifi doesn't always connect to your router, it tries to for like a minute then dies, then can connect instantly afterwards. (I've found this happens at all wifi spots, not just my home) and sometimes the internet dies completely on 3g even though it shows you have full signal and you have to restart the phone to make it work correctly.

    I love the OS but I need the right phone for it now as this one just doesn't cut the mustard

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